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un jeton

un jeton (zhuh-toh) noun, masculine 1. a token; counter; chip 2. a dent (i.e.: la voiture a pris un jeton/the car was dented) Expressions: un faux jeton = a hypocrite toucher ses jetons = to draw one's fees avoir les jetons = to have the jitters Also: un jeton de caddie = a token for a shopping... Read more →

un forain

un forain (fo-reh) noun, masculine 1. a fairground entertainer 2. a stallkeeper 3. (adj) fairground, carnival (the feminine is "une foraine" fo-rehn) Also: une fête foraine = a fair, (US) a state fair les forains = fairground people, carnies un spectacle forain = a travelling show ............................ Citation du Jour: Chercher la confirmation de son moi dans... Read more →

une blague

une blague (blag) noun, feminine 1. a joke; a practical joke, a trick 2. a tall story 3. a blunder, a silly mistake 4. a tobacco pouch Also: blaguer (verb) = to joke un blagueur / une blagueuse 1. (adj) ironical, teasing (look) 2. (noun, m/f) = a joker Expressions: sans blague? = really? you're kidding? sans... Read more →

un fouinard

un(e) fouinard(e) (fwee-nar, fwee-nard) noun, masculine 1. a snoop 2. (adj.) inquisitive, prying, nosey 3. a computer hacker Also: un fouineur, une fouineuse = a snooper verb: fouiner = to snoop, to nose about Expression: fouiner dans les affaires d'autrui = to poke one's nose into other people's business Citation du Jour: On doit continuer à chercher... Read more →


essuyer (es-wee-yay) verb 1. to wipe, to dry 2. to mop 3. to clean; to dust 4. to wipe up; to mop up Expressions: s'essuyer ses pieds = to wipe one's feet (before entering) essuyer la vaisselle = to dry the dishes essuyer une perte = to suffer a loss essuyer un refus = to meet with... Read more →

un escalier

escalier (es-ka-lyay) noun, masculine 1. stairs; staircase Also: un escalier roulant, mécanique = an escalator un escalier de secours = a fire escape un escalier en colimaçon = a spiral staircase Expression: esprit de l'escalier = staircase wit (when something that you should have or (could have said) occurs to you much later (as when a thought/good... Read more →

un fouet

un fouet (foo-ay) noun, masculine 1. a whip, a whisk Also: fouetté,e = whipped la crème fouettée = whipped cream fouetter (verb) = to whip; to prepare something quickly; to enliven un fouetté = (in ballet) a step in which the dancer stands on one foot while making a whip-like movement with the opposite leg. Click to... Read more →