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un arc

Jackie's column "Pensées d'une Petite Fille de France" (Thoughts of a Little Girl from France) is back. My seven-year-old talks about rainbows, or "les arcs-en-ciel." The English translation follows. un arc (ark) noun, masculine 1. bow, arc, curve, arch Also: le tir à l'arc = archery un arc-en-ciel = a rainbow une scie à l'arc = a... Read more →


dépayser (day-pay-ee-zay) verb 1. to disorientate, to disorient 2. to give a change of scenery to; to give a welcome change of surroundings to Also: dépaysant,e = exotic dépaysé = out of one's element un dépaysement = a disorientation Expressions: sentir dépaysé = to feel like a fish out of water; to not feel at home Citation... Read more →

une contrefaçon

une contrefaçon (kontr-fah-sahn) noun, feminine 1. imitation, counterfeit, counterfeiting 2. forging, forgery, fabrication, infringement 3. pirating Contrefaçon comes from the verb "contrefaire" which means to imitate, to falsify, to mimic, to disguise, to infringe, to feign or to distort Expressions: contrefaçon littéraire = an infringement of copyright contrefaire une signature = to forge a signature contrefaire sa... Read more →

un voile

Jean-Marc and I celebrated ten years of marriage this past weekend. Don't miss today's story about how the bride almost missed her wedding. voile(vwal) noun, feminine 1. a sail voile (vwal) noun, masculine 1. a veil Also: un voile de mariée = a bride's veil un bateau à voiles = a sailing boat un voile noir =... Read more →

un poireau

One of today's expressions has to do with "to be kept waiting." I didn't want to keep a friend in India waiting to send wishes of a "Bonne fête de Ganesh". Ganesh is the "le dieu" (the God) with "la tête d'éléphant" (the elephant's head) and is the deity of knowledge and wisdom (of "le Savoir" and... Read more →

un écart

My daughter Jackie turned seven ("l'âge de raison") on Saturday. She is back today with her column "Thoughts of a Little Girl from France" (in French and English). un écart (ay-kar) noun, masculine 1. distance apart, gap Expressions: faire le grand écart = to do the splits faire un écart = to step aside un écart de... Read more →


le coin (kwun --silent n) noun, masculine 1. corner 2. part 3. area Also: le coin bureau = the work area le coin repas = the dining area Expressions: les gens du coin = the locals coins et recoins = nooks and crannies va au coin! = go and stand in the corner! mettre un enfant au... Read more →

un rang

un rang (rah or rahng--silent n & g) noun, masculine 1. a row; line 2. a country road 3. station 4. rank Also: un rang de perles = a string or rope of pearls deux (trois, quatre...) jours de rang = two (three, four...) days in a row .......................... Expressions: en rangs serrés = in close order... Read more →


We spent yesterday grape harvesting at Uncle Jean-Claude's vineyard in Chateauneuf du Pape. More about that demain! la vendange (von-donzh) noun, feminine 1. grape harvest; grapes (harvested); grape crop vendanger (von-don-zhay) verb 1. to pick or to harvest grapes And: une vendangeuse, un vendangeur = a grape picker une bonne vendange = a good vintage les vendanges... Read more →


Today's column is in French and English and is written by my French friend Barbara. Remember her? She was jumping off cliffs in the "Illico" story three days ago. Today she leaves les falaises* behind and contemplates fur in her story "Fashion Victim." Don't miss it! fourré (foo-ray) adjective 1. fur-lined; fleece-lined 2. filled, filling, filling paste... Read more →