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Entries from December 2004

la reconnaissance

For this last edition of 2004, a more personal look into la naissance* of this letter from France; a background on how it came about, and its raison d'être* (besides building one's French vocabulary!). Most of the stories in 2004 were in keeping with a French theme. For today's personal story, a Wild West theme seems fitting,... Read more →


French Word-A-Day will be on break from December 10th - January 4th. Menu du Jour: Homonyms (part II) and "A Day in the Life..." même (mem) adjective 1. same 2. the same (one) 3. even Expressions: être à même de = to be capable of quand même = all the same; honestly! merci quand même = thanks... Read more →

A special treat for you today: Barbara is back with a column on French homonyms. Read it in English or French. Either way, enjoy! pareil, pareille (pa-ray) adjective 1. the same 2. equal Expressions: du pareil au même = exactly the same n'avoir pas son pareil = to be remarkable sans pareil = unparalleled, unique rendre la... Read more →

un rideau

le rideau (ree-do) noun, masculine 1. curtain Expressions: tirer les rideaux = to draw (or close) the curtains grimper aux rideaux = "to climb the curtains" (to be very excited) tirer le rideau sur quelque chose = to cease to talk about a subject tomber en rideau = to break down (in car) un rideau de fumée... Read more →

la soif

la soif (swaf) noun, feminine 1. thirst Also: un(e) soiffard(e) = someone who likes to drink, one who drinks too much alcohol ............... Expressions: avoir soif = to be thirsty jusqu'a plus soif = until one's thirst is quenched garder une poire pour la soif (to keep a pear for the thirst) = to put something aside... Read more →

une vitrine

une vitrine (vee-treen) noun, feminine 1. window Expression: en vitrine = in the window lécher les vitrines (to lick the windows) = to go window-shopping ...................... Citation du Jour Les descriptions de femme ressemblent à des vitrines de bijoutier. On y voit des cheveux d'or, des yeux émeraude, des dents perles, des lèvres de corail. Descriptions of... Read more →

une ordure (or-dewr) noun, feminine 1. dirt, filth (plural) 2. trash, garbage Laura K. Lawless: The Everything French Grammar Book: All the Rules You Need to Master Français Also: ordurier(ière) = filthy une boîte à ordures = a garbage can Expression: dire des ordures = to talk filth, to utter obscenities ......................... Proverb: Au pourceau, l'ordure ne... Read more →