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le sol

le sol (sohl) noun, masculine 1. ground, earth; soil 2. floor Expressions: le sol natal = native soil cloué au sol = rooted to the spot le personnel au sol = ground staff sol glissant = slippery floor/ground étendu sur le sol = spread out on the ground ............................ Citation du Jour: Les vers de terre s'enfoncent... Read more →

la racine

racine (ra-seen) noun, feminine 1. root les racines = roots (origins) Expressions: prendre racine = to take root prendre le mal à la racine = to get to the root of the problem ......................... Citation du Jour La tempérance est un arbre qui a pour racine le contentement de peu, et pour fruits le calme et la... Read more →

Crotte makers in the southern French town of Tarradeau (Var). Crotte (krot) noun, feminine doo-doo The first time we dined together, she remarked that I was stuffy. Specifically, she said she had the impression that she had spent the evening with "la Reine." Her remarks struck me as ironic, for it was this woman and her upper-class... Read more →

un cadeau

un cadeau (ka-doh) noun, masculine 1. a present, gift Expressions: un cadeau publicitaire = a free gift, givaway (product promo) faire un cadeau à quelqu'un = to give someone a present un cadeau empoisonné = a gift that is more a curse than a blessing ne pas faire de cadeau = to not let off lightly ........................... Read more →

un trombone

A wee addition to yesterday's "Reference" section: un string (m) = underwear (of the thong type) un trombone (trawn-bon) noun, masculine 1. trombone 2. paper clip Also: tromboniste = "un joueur de trombone" (trombone player) Citation du Jour: L'amour ne sert jamais à transformer les autres. Il n'est que l'instrument de notre propre transformation. Love never serves... Read more →

la ficelle

la ficelle (fee-sehl) noun, feminine 1. string, twine 2. stick, small rope (of French bread) 3. trick (tip) Terms & Expressions: ficeler (verb) = to tie, to string C'est ficelle = It's not easy tirer sur la ficelle = to exaggerate tirer les ficelles = to pull the strings voir la ficelle = to see how something... Read more →


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la gorge

I'm up with the rouges-gorges* this Thursday morning, trying to get today's word out so that we can hit the road for Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Jean-Marc will be giving a tour of his uncle's vineyard and the children and I are tagging along. The next word goes out Monday. "See you" then. --Kristin *un rouge-gorge (m) = a robin... Read more →

une gorgée

une gorgée (gor-zhay) noun, feminine 1. a mouthful (of wine, etc.); gulp; sip Expression: avaler quelque chose d'une gorgée = to swallow something in one gulp Citation du Jour: On avale à pleine gorgée le mensonge qui nous flatte, et l'on boit goutte à goutte une vérité qui nous est amère. We swallow, by the mouthful, the... Read more →

le coeur

A patissier chocoloatier - pastry chocolate shop in St. Tropez For la Saint Valentin / Valentine's Day --a.k.a. in France as "la fête des amoureux" /"the lovers' celebration"--don't miss today's column where you will learn more than a dozen ways to say "darling" in French to your sweet Valentine. le coeur (ker) noun, masculine 1. heart There... Read more →