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un agrume

At the cheese and honey-maker's house, in Tarradeau agrume (a-groom) noun, masculine 1. citrus fruit ........................... Citation du Jour Vous pouvez croire en Dieu de deux façons, ou comme la soif croit à l'orange, ou comme l'âne croit au fouet. You can believe in God in two ways, like thirst thinks about an orange, or like the... Read more →

un sou

La Tirelire ~ The Piggy Bank un sou (soo) noun, masculine 1. shilling; five centimes; one cent Also: les sous (mpl) = (informal) money Expressions: de quatre sous = worthless sou par sou = progressively un sou est un sou = one mustn't waste money propre comme un sou neuf = mint condition (clean) n'avoir pas le... Read more →


étendre (ay-tahndr) vrb 1. to stretch 2. to lay 3. to spread 4. to extend 5. to dilute; to thin s'étendre = to stretch oneself out, to lie down Expressions: étendre le linge = to hang out the washing s'étendre sur un sujet = to expand upon a subject étendre raide = to knock out (cold) se... Read more →

le fossé

le fossé (fo-say) noun, masculine View from the garden 1. ditch, trench, drain; gap Expressions: sauter le fossé = to make a risky decision le fossé culturel = the cultural gap le fossé entre les générations = the generation gap saigner un fossé = to drain a ditch Proverb Ne triomphe pas avant d'avoir franchi le fossé.... Read more →


A garden wall somewhere in our village. décontracté,e (day-kohn-trak-tay) adjective 1. relaxed 2. casual, laid-back Proverb Une mer calme n'a jamais fait un bon marin. A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor. ...................................... A Day in a French Life... (The story that originally appeared here, and included the French vocabulary below, is now a part... Read more →


Le campanile A Day in a French Life... To see our village through an outsider's eyes--C'est le top!*--as my son would say; it is a cadeau* that doesn't come in a box, won't send me rummaging for an empty vase and scissors, and will not require a swirled ink remerciement* along with a fifty-three cent timbre.* Each... Read more →

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse (Spring Break: April, 2005) Did I mention my children are on vacation? Things are a little "en pente," or sloping, around here and I feel I am sliding, trying to keep up with word weaving and kid wrestling. The two pint-sized giggle machines stop by my keyboard every... Read more →

un endroit

endroit (on-drwa) noun, masculine 1. place, spot, locale 2. right side (of garment, etc.) Also: à l'endroit = right side up à l'endroit de = toward, with regard to au bon endroit = in/at the right place à quel endroit? = where(abouts)?, where exactly? par endroits = here and there, in places Expressions: rire au bon endroit... Read more →


appuyer (a-pwee-yay) verb 1. to press; to lean, rest (against, on); to prop (up) 2. to rely on; to support (petition) Expressions appuyer sur le champignon = to step on the gas appuyer sur la chanterelle = to harp on ....................................... Citation du Jour - French quote of the Day Le plaisir peut s'appuyer sur l'illusion, mais... Read more →

le pavillon

le pavillon (pah-vee-ohn) noun, masculine 1. small house; lodge; ward, pavilion 2. flag Also: un pavillon de banlieue = a suburban house un pavillon de jardin = a summer house, pavilion un pavillon de chasse = a hunting lodge un pavillon de détresse = a distress flag Expressions: amener son pavillon/baisser pavillon = to surrender montrer son... Read more →