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un bonbon

Bonbon stand in Nice.

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un bonbon (bohn-bohn) noun, masculine
1. a piece of candy

(bonbon is the "redoublement" or reduplication of "bon") bonbon = goodgood

bonbons anglais = fruit drops
bonbon à la menthe = mint
bonbon au miel = honey drop

Bonbon synonyms:
une friandise; une sucrerie (aimer les sucreries = to have a sweet tooth)

coûter bonbon = to cost a lot
avoir ras le bonbon = to be fed up
casser les bonbons à quelqu'un = to upset someone

Citation du Jour
Qui dit : "c'est facile comme de prendre un bonbon à un bébé" n'a jamais essayé de prendre un bonbon à un bébé.

Whoever said: "it's easy--like taking candy from a baby" never tried to take a piece a candy from a baby.
--John Irvin
*References: une chose (f) = a thing
References to bonbon in literature:
Cocktail Food: 50 Finger Foods with Attitude
Cocktail Food: 50 Finger Foods with Attitude by Sara Corpening Whiteford, Lori Lyn Narlock, Mary Corpening Barber, and Carin Krasner
Sweets: A History of Candy
Sweets: A History of Candy by Tim Richardson

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