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The seaside town of Agay, near Fréjus and just east of St-Raphael. gaver (gah-vay) verb 1. to force-feed; to fill up (with) ...and in English there is the noun "gavage" (gah-vazh): a feeding for someone who will not or cannot eat. Expressions and Related Terms: en avoir jusqu'au gaviot = to be stuffed, to have eaten too... Read more →

le lendemain

Le lever du soleil dans la baie d'Agay/Daybreak at Agay's bay le lendemain (lahnd-man) noun, masculine 1. the next day, the day after 2. tomorrow, the future Expressions: du jour au lendemain = suddenly des lendemains qui chantent = a brighter future le lendemain de cuite = the morning after the night before (hangover) triste comme un... Read more →

le haricot

Read about today's image at Photo du Jour (below) Today's edition is 'une rediffusion' (rerun) from one year ago. The story takes place in Agay--a place we visit each year, along with a half-dozen of Jean-Marc's high school friends, their wives and children. The next word goes out Monday. A bientôt! Kristin un haricot (ah-ree-ko) noun, masculine... Read more →

le coude

Read about this photo at Photo du Jour, below le coude (kood) noun, masculine 1. elbow 2. bend, angle Expressions: coude à coude = side by side ("elbow to elbow") lever le coude = to booze ("to raise the elbow") un coup de coude = a nudge, a poke of the elbow jouer des coudes = to... Read more →

un métier

Read about this photo at Photo du Jour (below) un métier (may-tyay) noun, masculine 1. job, profession, craft, trade, occupation, business Expressions: parler métier = to talk shop avoir du métier = to have practical experience "Chacun son métier et les vaches seront bien gardées" = "If each does his job, the cows will be well looked... Read more →


For more about this photo, see Photo du Jour (below) Words in a French Life: "...a heart-winning collection from an American woman raising two very French children with her French husband in Provence, carrying on a lifelong love affair with the language." secouer (suh-koo-ay) verb 1. to shake; to shake off; to shake out Expressions: n'avoir rien... Read more →

le chiffre

Read about this photo at Photo du Jour, below le chiffre (shee-fre) noun, masculine 1. figure, digit, number, numeral 2. amount, total Also: le chiffre d'affaires = turnover (business) le chiffre arabe/romain = Arabic/Roman numeral avoir quelque chose brodé à son chiffre = to have something embroidered/monogrammed with one's initials Expression: en chiffres ronds = in round... Read more →


Read about this photo at Photo du Jour, below lancer (lon-say) verb 1. to throw, fling, cast, hurl; to shoot 2. to fire, drop, launch Expressions: lancer une opération = to launch an operation se lancer = to make a name for oneself; to give something a try lance-toi! = Just do it! (to encourage someone who... Read more →


Read about this photo in Photo du Jour, below. naître (neh-tre) verb 1. to be born Expressions: être né pour quelque chose = to be cut out for something être né pour l'autre = to be made for one another être né sous une bonne étoile = to be born under a lucky star être né coiffé... Read more →


For more about this photo, see Photo du Jour (below). maudit,e (mo-dee, mo-deet) adjective 1. cursed, damned, unlucky, star-crossed (ill-fated) noun (m/f): le Maudit = the Devil les maudits = the damned Expressions: Maudit! = (expletive) Damn it! être en maudit = to be mad/angry Quel maudit temps! = What lousy weather! Maudit soit le jour où... Read more →