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Today's column has been recorded for you by my ten-year-old son, Max. Enjoy! Si (see) if As promised, the inspiring words my friend Martine (meet her here, page 31) read to me, written by Rudyard Kipling in 1895 and translated into the French by André Maurois in 1918 (the English words follow) (Actually, Maurois' offering is a... Read more →


Blue door in the medieval village of Les Arcs-sur-Argens (Var) toc-toc (tok-tok) knock knock Everything about Martine could be known by her knock: unhesitating, energetic, persistent. It was the kind of knock a policeman might use: "Toc-toc-toc! I know you're in there. Come out, come out!" Though law-abiding, Martine was always on the run. "I passed by... Read more →


un sondage (sohn-dazh) n.m. poll, survey ; dig, drilling (hole) Un sondage n'est pas un substitut à la réflexion. A public-opinion poll is no substitute for thought. --Warren Buffett A Day in a French Life... I looked out the window and saw him standing in a cloud of smoke. After he had finished lighting his cigarette he... Read more →


Photo: my 8-year-old, Jackie, collected these flowers and made the vase... the poppy flew off before her father snapped the picture. le printemps (pran-tahn) noun, masculine = spring Il y a des pluies de printemps délicieuses où le ciel a l'air de pleurer de joie. There are delightful spring rains wherein the sky seems to be weeping... Read more →


poster image by Andre Renoux A Publishers Weekly review for 'Words in a French Life' has just been posted! See "Editorial Reviews" at: une ordonnance (or-doh-nahns) nf = prescription; arrangement ; order, ruling (judge) Un beau désordre vaut mieux qu'une inerte ordonnance. A good disorder is better than a lifeless arrangement. --Eugène Savitzkaïa A Day in... Read more →


moche (mowsh) adjective 1. ugly, dowdy; lousy, rotten; poor, shoddy Parler est le plus moche moyen de communication. L'homme ne s'exprime pleinement que par ses silences. To speak is the most lousy means of communication. Man can only fully express himself by his silence. --San-Antonio A Day in a French Life.... On the way home from my... Read more →


In response to your questions... ...quelques chiffres / some numbers concerning my book: 25.......the date, in April, in which 'Words in a French Life' ships from Amazon 02.......the date, in May, when the book will appear in US stores 304......pages in the Simon & Schuster edition (originally planned at 208 pages) 11.70...price (subject to change) when you... Read more →


arnaquer (ar-nah-kay) verb to cheat, swindle, rip off Comme on serait meilleur, sans la crainte d'être dupe! How much better we would be, without the fear of being fooled! --Jules Renard A Day in a French Life... My 8- and 10-year-old lead me through the salon* to the dinner table, just opposite the fireplace. "OK, mommy, you... Read more →


Exciting update! You can now find out all about my new book at this website. Thank you for reading! ciseau (see-zo) noun, masculine scissor, chisel (ciseaux = scissors) Proverb: Les dettes sont les ciseaux de l'amitié. Debts are the scissors of friendship. .............................. A Day in a French Life... The woman across the table from me has... Read more →