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Nothing to do with today's word... just a dog days photo taken in Draguignan. "My Life in France." In her own words, here is the captivating story of Julia Child's years in France, where she fell in love with French food and found 'her true calling.' une gourde (goord) noun, feminine 1. gourd, flask, canteen 2. simple... Read more →


Il faut perdre un vairon pour pêcher* un saumon. A minnow must be lost to catch a salmon. --Janus Gruter *pêcher (verb) = to fish for, to catch pécher (notice the accent change) the verb, has a second meaning: to sin The following text will not be included in the book, but you might enjoy it here. French Pronunciation: Listen to my daughter, Jackie, pronounce the word "pêche": Download peche2.wav Hear Jackie's sentence: "Ce que je tiens c'est une pêche." (What I'm holding is a peach.): Download peche3.wav Peachy Terms &Expressions: la fleur de pêcher = peach blossom le noyau de pêche = peach stone avoir un teint de pêche = to have a peaches-and-cream complexion avoir la pêche = to be full of "allant" (energy) avoir une pêche d'enfer = to be in top form / to feel great ça donne la pêche = it give energy/gets you going n'avoir pas la pêche = to feel a bit down donner une pêche à quelqu'un = to give someone a knuckle sandwich / to punch someone recevoir une pêche = to be punched by someone ...and some Fishy ones: aller à la pêche = to go fishing faire une belle pêche = to make a good catch le port de pêche = fishing port la canne à pêche = fishing rod l'attirail de pêche (m) = fishing tackle Read more →


Fountain in Brignoles. A good place to hang out when it's hot. Now if someone would turn on the robinet... In books: "Cruising French Waterways" covers historical sites and scenic attractions, as well as shore facilities, repair yards and more. la chaleur (sha-ler) noun, feminine heat; warmth, ardour (passion) Les vieillards ont besoin d'affections comme de soleil.... Read more →


Some French streets are so small that you wonder how deliveries are made to these tiny shops. bouder (boo-day) verb to pout or sulk I notice my husband is shaving this morning, something he rarely does anymore, now that he’s working from home as a wine sales rep. "Where are you going?" I ask. "En tournée." "Prospecting?... Read more →


reconnaître (ruh-ko-nehtr) verb to recognize, acknowledge; to admit (debt) C'est dans le malheur qu'on reconnaît les vrais amis. It's during adversity that we find out who our true friends are. (Or, as we say back home: A friend in need is a friend indeed.) A Day in a French Life... For part one of this story, go... Read more →


Carnations, or oeillets, and potted flowers in the town of Figanières. Long Ago In France : The Years In Dijon by M.F.K. Fisher. Fisher spent three years in Dijon in the halcyon days between the wars. This is a brief and wholly delightful memoir of that time, an account rich with wines, meals, and crisply etched portraits.... Read more →


Some lawns are better left unmown. (Poppies in the town of La Ciotat, a hop, skip and saut up the coast from Marseilles.) Read "The Piano Shop on the Left Bank: Discovering a Forgotten Passion in a Paris Atelier" for a "witty and fascinating account of finding a piano to purchase and relearning how to play." --Library... Read more →


Vintage art print by George Ham In books: Murder in Montmartre by Cara Black "If you've never been to Paris, or you'd like to go back soon, let Cara Black transport you there."-Linda Fairstein la lunette (lew-net) noun, feminine 1. telescope 2. les lunettes = (pair of) glasses 3. toilet seat Les lunettes cachent beaucoup de choses--même... Read more →


A scene à croquer from French life... In books: "The Food of France: A Journey for Food Lovers" croquer (kro-kay) verb to crunch; to sketch; to devour or eat in a rush Croquez des pommes, pas des pesticides. Crunch apples, not pesticides. --France Nature Environnement (current campaign slogan) A Day in a French Life... Just when lunch... Read more →


Only eleven years old and already on the way to collège... In books: La Belle Saison -- a testament to the timelessness of the French countryside and to the generous-hearted French. Today's word is one of those faux-amis*... le collège (ko-lezh) noun, masculine : junior high school, secondary school Au collège, ainsi que dans la société, le... Read more →