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A cottage in Marseilles. All photos taken with this digital camera, but newer models exist. Geo is a French-language magazine reporting on ecological issues around the world and featuring photographs of natural wonders and exotic places. Subscribe to Geo here. French Word-A-Day will not be delivered from July 28th through August 11th -- more about that in... Read more →


In the Middle Ages the trade guilds of France--labor unions of that day--presented the first crude one-act plays. By the time of Joan of Arc these interludes, or farces, were "stuffed" or crammed in between the acts of the main performance. The French word farce is derived from farcir, going back to the Latin farcire which meant... Read more →


A café in Nice, where bronzing is in, boredom is out. Chatelaine magazine (printed in French!) features articles on health, beauty, family, and fashion issues, practical home advice, and a wide variety of recipes. Subscribe here. embêter (om-behtay) verb 1. to bother, to worry; to pester; to annoy; to bore Also: s'embêter = to be bored S'embêter,... Read more →


A quiet corner in Marseilles. aisselle (ay-sel) noun, feminine armpit, underarm Jean-Marc's dear friend, Laurence, sits on the edge of Jackie's bed. Her long, wavy hair is pulled back into a clip, revealing her luminescent complexion, which is set off by dark Corsican eyes. "Coucou, ma puce," she says to my daughter, who was up heaving part... Read more →


Apartment airing in a little French town. Around the picnic table on Sunday, my French guests talked up the following book and raved about its author. Check out "Stupeur Et Tremblements" in French or order it in English. une pente (pahnt) noun, feminine 1. slope (of a roof), incline 2. tendency La vie offre toujours deux pentes.... Read more →


Pétillant (pay-tee-yahn) sparkling, bubbly, fizzy When I finished mopping the apricot tiles of our home, I considered my next mission: to prevent so many little feet from pottering across the clean carrelage. The messy four o'clock goûter would just have to take place outside today! I would not risk cake crumbs or spilled drinks on this clean... Read more →


A police station in St. Tropez... French Cats Don't Get Fat : The Secrets of La Cuisine Feline - the sensationnel French diet that will turn even the pudgiest patate de divan (couch potato) into a chic, café kitty. une fripouille (hear audio file, below) noun, feminine rogue, scoundrel, crook* une petite fripouille = little devil A... Read more →


A quiet scene after last night's defeat. See today's story. The French Review is the official journal of the American Association of Teachers of French and has the largest circulation of any scholarly journal of French studies in the world. The Review publishes articles and reviews on French and francophone literature, cinema, society and culture, linguistics, technology,... Read more →


Flower boxing along Rue Hôpital Vieux in Brignoles... Chatelaine magazine (printed in French!) features articles on health, beauty, family, and fashion issues, practical home advice, and a wide variety of recipes. More info here. la belle-doche (bel dosh) (hear audio file, below) noun, feminine mother-in-law (pejorative) Toute femme contient une belle-mère. All women have within them a... Read more →