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Along a festive pedestrian street in Collioures, France la noce (nohs) noun, feminine 1. wedding; wedding party En automne, je récoltai toutes mes peines et les enterrai dans mon jardin. Lorsque avril refleurit et que la terre et le printemps célébrèrent leurs noces, mon jardin fut jonché de fleurs splendides et exceptionnelles. In the autumn I gathered... Read more →


A peaceful scene in Roquebrune-sur-Argens. The Big Blue with Rosanna Arquette--one of Jean-Marc's favorite films (I liked it, too!) énervé,e (ay-ner-vay) adjective irritated, annoyed; nervous, edgy L'amour peut énerver l'âme, ou l'affermir. Love can upset the soul, or strengthen it. --Etienne de Senancour "Machine-gunning" is how Jean-Marc refers to the way I take photos. Such drive-by photo-shooting... Read more →


Flowers drinking in the lumière next to an unsolicited fountain. Lumière (loo-mee-air) noun, feminine light The memory of that midsummer night is quickly fading and my mind's eye must squint for the scene to come into view again, fragmented and incomplete. I can just see the subject in the foreground and how the light playing upon him,... Read more →


Entufurnu pizzeria & trattoria in Ceriana, Italy. Larousse Gastronomique. First published in 1938 and last revised in 1988, Larousse Gastronomique one of the culinary world's most familiar reference sources. --Library Journal le four (for) noun, masculine oven; kiln; furnace Un vieux four est plus aisé à chauffer qu'un neuf. An old oven is easier to heat than... Read more →


Back at the Piazza Rubini in Ceriana, Italy. Not far from the would-be cachot... Printed in French, Cuisine Et Vins De France features dozens of recipes in each issue along with articles on wine, cheese, appetizers, table decorations, and more. le cachot (ka-sho) noun, masculine dungeon, prison cell; solitary confinement J'aimerais mieux être un crapaud et vivre... Read more →


The Old Port in Marseilles, France Bouchon by Thomas Keller "It may be the best cookbook ever about bistros and bistro food." --The New York Times amitié (a-mee-tyay) noun, feminine 1. friendship 2. amitiés = best wishes/regards L'amitié se nourrit de communication. Friendship is nourished by communication.--Montaigne A Day in a French Life... Autumn 1994. Six months... Read more →

triporteur (Italy, part 3)

For sweeping through the serpentine alleyways in Ceriana, Italy. Discover Mark Twain's classic "A Tramp Abroad" "...delicious, whether you open it at the sojourn in Heidelberg, or the voyage down the Neckar on a raft, or mountaineering in Switzerland, or the excursion beyond the Alps into Italy.” —William Dean Howells .................................................... le triporteur (tree-por-ter) noun, masculine 1.... Read more →

souris (Italy, part 2)

An Italian cat eyeing a desert souris rat "Little House: An Architectural Seduction" -- is a forgotten masterpiece of 18th-century literature that has become an underground classic among architects. la souris (soo-ree) noun, feminine 1. mouse Jamais la souris ne confie sa destinée à un seul trou. A mouse never entrusts its destiny to just one hole.... Read more →


For draining the tears of the Ligurian heavens. Une gouttière in Ceriana, Italy. Stray (or "alley") cats in France are called "gutter cats" or "les chats de gouttière." Read the story of one here: Max: A Griggstown Mystery / Un Mystere de Griggstown In English and in French. A long missing tabby cat tells the story of... Read more →

la marche (Italy, part 1)

On the way to Ceriana, Italy... la marche (marsh) noun, feminine 1. step, stair 2. walk, walking Qui peut jamais être seul un instant en Italie ? Chaque pierre a une voix, chaque grain de poussière semble être l'instinct d'un esprit du Passé, chaque marche rappelle quelque ligne, quelque légende d'une tradition depuis longtemps à l'abandon. Who... Read more →