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Entries from December 2006

The closest thing to a sleigh that I could find in my photo album. Taken in the Piedmont. Faire le Traineau fehr-leuh-tren-oh to drag one's bottom As if my son and my daughter aren't busy enough doling out French vocabulary and minding their mother's grammar, I now have a dog teaching me quirky Gallic slang! The latest... Read more →


La boucherie/butcher's: a place cocottes, French or otherwise, ought to steer clear of. Rosetta Stone French (CD-ROM) -- "an award-winning method used by NASA and the Peace Corps". More language software here. une cocotte (ko-kowt) noun, feminine 1. hen, chic 2. pot, cooker (for making stew) In French, cocotte (the feminine diminutive of coq) is originally a... Read more →


Season's Greetings from La Morra, Italy. Learn French in your car : a simple, direct approach to language learning. indigne (an-deen) adjective shameful, disgraceful, unworthy, worthless, inadequate Qui ne continue pas à apprendre est indigne d'enseigner. He who ceases to learn cannot adequately teach. --Gaston Bachelard * * * When my 9-year-old came running out to the... Read more →


The red-as-lips walls of Alba, Italy. In French language software: TeLL me More French -- Used everyday in more than 10,000 academic institutions. le baiser (beh zay) noun masculine kiss Un baiser est un tour délicieux conçu par la nature pour couper la parole quand les mots deviennent superflus. A kiss is a lovely trick designed by... Read more →

Photo taken in Serre Chevalier, near Briançon Sapin (sah-pahn) noun, masculine fir tree . When Max came into the kitchen announcing, "Papa a acheté un sapin," I folded the dishtowel, set it down and took a deep breath. I knew the Christmas tree would be trunk-size—all the better to fit into the back of an economy car—and... Read more →


Taken at the bed and breakfast in Italy. SmartFrench CD-ROM --"the smart way to learn French" acceuillant,e (listen to the sound clip, below) adjective welcoming, friendly Le véritable poète a pour vocation d'accueillir en lui la splendeur du monde. The true poet's vocation is to welcome within himself the world's splendor. --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe My high... Read more →


A méli-mélo of textures in this colorful vitrine taken at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. Rosetta Stone French (CD-ROM) is an award-winning method used by NASA and the Peace Corps le méli-mélo (may-lee may-lo) noun, masculine muddle, jumble, medley, hodge-podge, mishmash * * * Dans le méli-mélo, j'ai toujours préféré le méli. In the hodge-podge, I've always... Read more →