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Voting time is just around the corner in France... French With Michel Thomas: "The Fastest Way to Learn a Language" élire (ay-leer) verb to elect, choose Les Américains éliront-ils une femme à la présidence? Will Americans elect a woman for the presidency? --headline for the journal Listening to French news I learn that French soccer legend... Read more →


Water to "spare" in the French Alps at Villeneuve-la-Salle Check out SmartFrench --"the smart way to learn French" le rab (rab) noun, masculine 1. seconds, second helping 2. spare, extra, extra time (from the military (slang) term "rabiot" (surplus / what remains after distribution) Example Sentence: Malgré 9 minutes de rab, Perpignan ne pouvait marquer de nouveaux... Read more →


Les Arcs-sur-Argens, where our story begins.... Rosetta Stone French (CD-ROM) -- "an award-winning method used by NASA and the Peace Corps" un baffle (bafl) noun, masculine speaker (stereo) While "les baffles" is an informal term, accoustic speakers are originally known as "les enceintes". ("Enceinte" is also the French word for "pregnant"...which gives a new name to stereo... Read more →


Abbé Pierre's "holy anger" drove him to fight for the rights of those "sans-toit," without a roof over their head Check out "Behind the Wheel French" -- an 8 CD language course: . le (la) sans-abri (sahns-ahbree) noun, masculine & feminine homeless person -sans-abri means, literally, "without shelter" -les sans-abri = the homeless La mort de l'abbé... Read more →

Jean-Marc who earned the title "Chief Grape" after years of caring for his precious "babies". Read about them, in the following story. la mère porteuse (mair-por-tuhz) n.f. : surrogate mother (One who carries a child for a couple or for a single person is also called "une mère accoucheuse") Click on the following French sentence to hear... Read more →


Lots of dough behind these beaded curtains. Italian bakery in Ceriana, Italy. French Before You Know It Deluxe--quickly learn to understand and speak 1,000 common French words and 250 essential phrases. la pâte (pat) noun, feminine pastry, dough, batter, fritter mix (...not to be confused with the masculine noun "pâté" [pa-tay]) les pâtes (lay pat): pasta, noodles,... Read more →


A take-out pizza parlor in Marseilles' eighth arrondissement French With Michel Thomas: "The Fastest Way to Learn a Language". More language learning software here. blondinette (blohn-dee-net) noun, feminine blond- or fair-haired girl, woman blondinet = blond- or fair-haired boy, man Example Quote: Une dame vint un jour me demander de donner des leçons à son fils, blondinet... Read more →


Today's totally unrelated to the word or story photo: Wayward Sanglier. (We'll just have to call this little guy--observed trotting through my neighborhood, cares to the wind--"Bahut". SmartFrench CD-ROM --"the smart way to learn French". More language learning software here. le bahut (ba-ew) noun, masculine 1. chest, sideboard 2. (slang) school, high-school 3. (slang) truck, car, taxi,... Read more →


Clothespins wishing for something to hold on to. Rosetta Stone French (CD-ROM) -- "an award-winning method used by NASA and the Peace Corps". More French language software here. souhaiter (sweh-tay) verb to wish for Tous les changements, même les plus souhaités, ont leur mélancolie. All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy. --Anatole France .... Read more →


Though we still don't know if our loan has been approved, or if our home will be mortgaged, Jean-Marc has gone ahead with the plans for his wine cellar. hypothèque (ee-poh-tek) noun, feminine mortgage Une dette flottante est un navire hypothèque. A floating debt is a mortgaged vessel. --Jean-Charles (French humorist) . At the Crédit Agricole bank... Read more →