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New: Add a "slice" of French life to your own blog, website, or desktop -- check out this gadget. donné(e) (doh-nay) adjective : dirt cheap ("given") "Donné," from the verb "donner" (to give), means many things, including "given". Here is an example and proverb: Tout ce qui n'est pas donné est perdu. All that is not given... Read more →


trémousser (tray-moos-ay) verb to wriggle, to jig about; to wiggle one's hips ...and, my favorite, "to bestir oneself" Listen to my son, Max, pronounce today's word: Download tremousser.mp3 Download tremousser.wav To bestir oneself. That's one way to look at it. From another viewpoint, say, that of a mother standing at the head of her kitchen canteen, ladling... Read more →


I love today's word "chouia"! I hope you will share the enthusiasm by sharing this gazette, vignette (we'll figure it out yet) with a friend. And don't miss the sound clip, below, where you can hear my mother-in-law pronounce "chouia" (there's even a "flash" story from our recording session). Also, in the Shopping section, see one of... Read more →


Revving it up in the town of Valbonne. réveillon (ray-veh-ohn) noun, masculine 1. Christmas Eve Dinner, New Year's Eve Dinner, midnight supper (réveillon de Noël, reveillon du Nouvel An) 2. Christmas / New Year's Eve party Great French-themed books for children, by Catherine Stock: "A Spree in Paree" and "A Porc in New York". The illustrations are... Read more →


libérer (lee-bay-ray) verb to free I received this quote as an early birthday present from Jules (my mother). I hope your inner (or outer) artist will enjoy it to. J'ai vu un ange dans le marbre et j'ai ciselé jusqu'à l'en libérer. I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free.... Read more →

cul sec

cul sec! (kew sek) bottoms up! down the hatch! cheers! The expression refers to leaving the bottom of a glass (cul) dry (sec), having emptied its contents. The French definition is "Boire un verre d'une seule traite." "To drink a glassful in one gulp". * * * Cake update: I've posted my mother-in-law's chocolate cake recipe over... Read more →


In the town of Sérignan (Vaucluse) cafard (ka-far) noun, masculine 1. cockroach 2. melancholy, blues (depression) Chaque minute de cafard vous prive de soixante secondes de bonheur. Each depressing minute deprives you of sixty happy seconds. --Blas de Otero In books: Provence: The Collected Traveler: An Inspired Anthology & Travel Resource by Barrie Kerper . Chocolate cake.... Read more →


avouer (ah-voo-ay) verb to confess (one's love) to admit to (a crime), to own up to Que toutes nos pensées soient telles que si on te demandait à tout instant ce que tu penses tu puisses toujours l'avouer sans honte. May all our thoughts be such that if one asks you at any moment what you are... Read more →


If a chocolate trough existed, it might be behind these doors. mangeoire (mahn-zhwar) noun, feminine 1. trough, manger (animals) ; feeding dish (birds) 2. crèche (Christ child's crib) :: Audio File :: Hear Jean-Marc pronounce today's French word and proverb: Download mp3 or Wav Cheval affamé nettoie sa mangeoire. A starving horse cleans its trough. In music:... Read more →