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Cousin Mike's remise (shed) in Layton. Mike & Aunt Reta made us feel at home when we visited Utah. prévenant(e) [pray-vuhnan(t)] adjective thoughtful, considerate Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the French words prévenant/prévenante: Download prevenant.mp3. Download prevenant.wav Dreaming of a road trip in Europe? Check out Microsoft AutoRoute Europe 2007 . I have often wondered about... Read more →


The writing on the wall in Portland, Oregon. ronron (rohn rohn) noun, masculine purr, purring, hum, drone :: Featured product :: The Francophile journal that travelled with me through the US. There's even a pocket in the back for receipts, business cards & assorted "paperasse". See it here. :: Audio File :: listen to my son, Max... Read more →


My Aunt Reta's roosters follow her hens, heading back to the barn. After a whirlwind US visit, Jean-Marc and I owe many "remerciements" to those who organized, hosted, chauffeured, and flew us over (thanks again, Sandy!). Thanks also to those who took time out of their days to meet with us at the various wine/word events. Merci... Read more →


Monforte d'Alba, Italy. Photo taken over the weekend with this apparatus. le brouillard (broo-yar) noun, masculine fog, mist, smog La mémoire est un drôle de brouillard. Memory is a strange kind of fog. --Valère Staraselski A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse "Write it down" Write it down while it is fresh in your mind,... Read more →


The blackboard reads: send flowers to those you love. You can do that here. The following story appeared on May 17th, 2006 -- le jour "J" or "day of" my son's 11 year anniversary... anticonstitutionnellement (listen to this word) adverb 1. unconstitutionally (better known as one of the longest words in the French language) La corruption, le... Read more →


French Terms of Endearment, just below. * * * On this 14th day of February, or what the French call "le quatorze février" (a.k.a. "Le jour de la Saint-Valentin"* and "la fête des amoureux"*) we begin with a string of lip-swaying nouns. Go ahead and pronounce the first line in the next paragraph and just feel your... Read more →


The following post appeared two years ago... gribouiller (gree-booy-ay) verb to scribble, scrawl; to doodle Citation du Jour: L'écriture est la peinture de la voix. Writing is the painting of the voice. --Voltaire A Day in a French Life... Jackie is lying on the couch, tucked under her couette* and watching "1, rue Sesame"* on channel 5.... Read more →


Today's totally off topic photo - taken in Mirabel-aux-Baronnies. While French Word-A-Day will "break" from February 9th-25th, you might enjoy reading a few stories from the archives. To view the stories, visit the following link this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday -- and again on Tuesday/Thursday of the next week: To be automatically notified when a story... Read more →


Note: French Word-A-Day will "break" from February 11th-25th! godasse (go-dass) noun, feminine (informal French) : shoe :: Audio File :: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's word & idiom: en avoir plein les godasses ("to have one's shoes full" = to be weary, tired, exhausted) Download godasse.mp3 Download godasse.wav Larousse Advanced French-English Dictionary: contains boxed notes help clarify... Read more →


The Gallic "giant" (Mont Ventoux) in our parages. Our Seattle wine tasting event is sold out. If you are in the Seattle area and did not get tickets then we'll hope to meet you at Abraxus books. Please stop by and say bonjour! Click here for more information and to see more cities in our west coast... Read more →