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The deep blue port of Marseilles, where we spent the weekend touting Rouge-Bleu wine. pépier (pay-pyay) verb to chirp, to tweet, twitter we know where the words "shhh! not one peep out of you!" come from. Also: un pépiement = a chirping, twittering :: Audio File :: Please welcome my guest speaker, Beatrice, who will pronounce... Read more →


A corner cafe in the French village of Rousset-les-Vignes abrégé (ah-breh-zhay) noun, masculine an abstract, summary "en abrégé" = in brief, in a nutshell ; in miniature; abbreviated (word) Listen to my brother-in-law, Jacques, pronounce the French words "abrégé" + "en abrégé": Download abrege.mp3 . Download abrege.wav. . Je suis navrée!* Terribly sorry for filling your inbox,... Read more →


The ponies of Provence stand before Mont Ventoux and a lone French mas. Book signing / wine-tasting in Paris & New York City: chahuter (sha-hew-tay) verb 1. to make a racket, to create an uproar 2. to heckle, to tease "Chahuter" comes from the word "chat-huant" and once meant "to cry like a screech owl." "Un... Read more →

White mustard flowers near the town of Travaillan Below, you will discover a popular French adage (and nifty weather predictor!). It says that if you have sunshine and mild times at Christmas, watch out! You're in for cold weather at Easter! I can vouch for that. This morning the grape fields were blanketed by snow! And only... Read more →


The bright flowerettes of a mimosa steal the spotlight from a beat-up blue fence in the town of Camaret. April in New York City. Jean-Marc and I will be in NYC on April 15th & 16th. We'd love to meet you. Click here for more information on our wine-tasting event. oublieux, oublieuse (ooh-blee-uuh, ooh-blee-uuhz) adjective deliberately forgetful... Read more →


Pyracantha over a Provençale stone wall in Les Arcs-Sur-Argens... and a mom behind a camera lens, with an after-school greeting her kids: "Coucou"! "Rebonjour!" Photo taken a few years ago. :: Pit-Stop in Paris :: From the Big Grape to the Big Apple... and now with a pit-stop in Paris! Jean-Marc & I will leave the wine... Read more →


A beaded door screen of sorts ... or of sorted beads! écran (ay-krahn) noun, masculine screen, shield La nécessité est l'écran mis entre Dieu et nous pour que nous puissions être. C'est à nous de percer l'écran pour cesser d'être. Necessity is the screen set between God and us so that we can be. It is for... Read more →


Leaves of Grass ... beyond which the village of Cairanne slumbers. From the Big Grape to the Big Apple: meet us in NYC as we ditch these vines... in time to let you taste our wines! Jean-Marc and I are organizing two events: a book signing* & a wine tasting. (The tasting will be on April 16th... Read more →

Babé and Jean-Marc preparing for the first bottles to arrive... I wrote* about Cheryl and Bill Jamison's visit to our place a few years back... I hear they've written about it too! Join me in the rush to buy a copy of their latest book "Around the World in 80 Dinners: The Ultimate Culinary Adventure" . Today's... Read more →


Curtained doors and French charm in the village of Serignan :: Bonjour New York City! :: If you happen to be in the Big Apple next month, then let's meet at Crawford Doyle Booksellers, a small store located around the corner from the Metropolitan Museum between 81st and 82nd Streets on Madison Ave. I'll be there, perusing... Read more →