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Quenottes and mots (Words book-signing) at Crawford Doyle Booksellers. Photo by Nancy Caswell, here with Fred. quenotte (kuh-nowt) noun, feminine tooth, toothy-peg The French word quenotte is used in "le langage enfantin" or kiddy talk. Kid-at-heart adults seem to use it too... Read on: Sa figure était une pomme rouge, un bouton de pivoine prêt à fleurir,... Read more →


Not sure which flowers are vivace and which aren't, but the little boy is awfully cute. vivace (vee-vas) adjective 1. long-lived, undying, inveterate, vivid 2. hearty, robust le pois vivace = everlasting pea la plante vivace = perennial les souvenirs vivaces = vivid memories :: Quote / Audio File :: L'absence n'est-elle pas, pour qui aime, la... Read more →


A "leeky" vegetable potager in the Queyras Valley of the French Hautes-Alpes Featured Product: Eiffel Tower Confetti! (As if a Francophile needed any more joie de vivre...) ~~~~~~~~~BETTERAVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ la betterave (beht-rav) noun, feminine : beet [from the words "bette" (beet) and "rave" (turnip, radish)] => la betterave sucrière = sugar beet => la betterave rouge = beetroot... Read more →


The building reads: "Printers Binders"... now we're talking (read on in today's story)! Photo taken near Union Square, New York City A million mercis for your responses to my last post. It's going to take me a while to send proper thanks. I may have to "speed-mail" those remerciements? Thanks for your understanding. . la laque (lak)... Read more →


Union Square in New York City French Word-A-Day will return to its usual format--quotes, sound file, advertising--on Wednesday. For today, just a French word "honteux" (ont-euh) and its English meaning, "ashamed." . (The would-be Fine Art of Speed Greeting) At Union Square Wine and Spirits* in New York City, Tom took good care of us, ensuring our... Read more →


A babbling brook... and babbling villagers in today's story. Note: French Word-A-Day will be on break, sort of, through April 18th. Meanwhile, I will try to send an update on our "Wine/Words" trip. Wish us luck... and speedy recovery... and thanks for your support! Check our schedule, here. cane (kan) noun, feminine : female duck ...a male... Read more →


"Wild Orchids" and fresh, just-in-off-the-line laundry. Still can't name flowers (tulips) and I'm late folding clothes. My point and shoot camera broke, too: no longer focuses and everything's a blur! gazouillis (gah-zoo-wee) noun, masculine 1. twittering, chirping, warbling (birds), gurgling (baby) ; 2. babbling, murmuring (of running water) Listen to Max's friend, Bastien, pronounce the French word... Read more →


Different kinds of beaks and bécots, from Le Petit Larousse Illustré. After Monday's French "tweet", today we have a peck or... bécot (bay-kow) noun, masculine : a little kiss un gros bécot = a big smooch bécoter = to give a kiss, to give a peck. les amoreux qui se bécotent = lovers kissing =========== :: Audio... Read more →

With the seeds in today's story... this eventually grew! Read on... graine (grehn) noun, feminine : seed Audio File: Listen to my daughter, Jackie, pronounce the French word "graine" and read today's quote: Le plus grand arbre est né d'une graine menue. The tallest tree is born of one small seed. --Lao-Tseu Download graine.mp3. Download graine.wav It... Read more →