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"Gateaux Basques" (Summer 2008): on the west coast of France, not far from Bayonne, in the hills of Briscous. un sourire (soo-reer) noun, masculine : a smile Rides, des sourires gravés. Wrinkles are engraved smiles. --Jules Renard Hear today's word and the above quote, in French (compliments of Son Max): Download sourire.wav . Download sourire.mp3 One way... Read more →

Bowls or "bols" from Pornic (a village in the Loire-Atlantique, north-western France). empiler (om-pee-lay) verb : to pile (up), to stack (up); to do . Never miss a word: get yourself a French Word Widget : installs in Google, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, Typepad, Blogger, LiveJournal... Quote / Example sentence: L'argent est plat pour être empilé. Money is... Read more →

Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes Pyrénées. My husband with his two favorite things: grapevines and a stubborn side-kick. More about her in today's story. têtu(e) (tay-tew) adjective : obstinate, headstrong, stubborn Listen to the French word têtu, and hear this expression "têtu comme un mulet" (thank you, Bastien--my son Max's friend--for today's recording!): Download tetu.wav... Read more →

A lampshade boutique in the town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Did you see the leopard one (left and center)? My mom, Jules, (...and my daughter, who inherited that gene) would buy two of those, at least). P.S.: notice the typical Basque design, painted red (or green...) shutters and woodwork, just above the shop. . If you woke up this... Read more →

on the road to Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port ("Saint John at the foot of the pass"). Never miss a word: Get yourself a French Word Widget! Works in Facebook, MySpace, Blogger... *** Did you know that the French word "basque" just so happens to be related to the Italian "basta" (which means "That's enough!" "Stop!"... or simply "Whoa boy!"--something the... Read more →

Le marais salant: salt marsh in the Camargue. chômer (sho-may) verb : to lie idle; to be idle, inactive : to be unemployed, out of work [from the Latin "caumare": "to rest during the heat"] Listen to the French definition* of chômer (that's my daughter speaking): "Célébrer une fête par le repos, en ne travaillant pas." (To... Read more →

A neighboring IRM... read on in today's story, below. prise de bec (preez-deuh-bek) noun, feminine : an altercation, a spat, an argument "Le bec" ("beak") also means mouth. In the chic town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz there were plenty of BMWs and so you might say we fit right in with our own deluxe IRM.... After watching the French... Read more →

The self-serve candle machine at Lourdes. Audio File: The sign in the photo, above, says "Un cierge c'est une prière qui se prolonge." (A candle is a prolonged prayer.) Hear today's word and the above quote: Download cierge.mp3 .Download cierge.wav le cierge (see-airzh) noun, masculine : candle (votive); cereus (a kind of cactus) Do you know the... Read more →

Snapshots of France: the Basque town of Bidarray. lecteur (lek-tuur) noun, masculine : reader The feminine of "lecteur" is "une lectrice" Listen to today's word and the following quote: Download lecteur.wav. Download lecteur.mp3 En réalité, chaque lecteur est, quand il lit, le propre lecteur de soi-même. In reality, each reader is, when he reads, the own reader... Read more →