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In the town of Nyons: Persimmons aspiring to be potirons. In children's books: Oxford First French Words potiron (po-tee-rohn) noun, masculine : pumpkin French definition* of "le potiron": "plante potagère voisine de la courge" ("vegetable plant, related to squash") *From Le Petit Larousse Do you know of any "potiron" terms or expressions... or would you like to... Read more →

The streets of London are as romantic as Paris and the sanglots of unrequited love sound across either sidewalk. More photos from the London Wine Fair! sanglot (sahn-glo) noun, masculine : sob verb: sangloter (sahn-glo-tay) : to sob Listen to my daughter read today's word and the following quote: Download Sanglot . Download Sanglot "Dieu entend mieux... Read more →

On Day One we peddled our wines (meeting with an importer) at the Piccadilly Market in London... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Language Learning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oxford Take Off In French: (CD-ROM): Follow an integrating course including activities and dialogues with native speakers so you can feel confident in day-to-day conversation. foire (fwar) noun, feminine : fair : trade fair [from the... Read more →

Photo taken in Monforte d'Alba, Italy. What is poetry? Why can't I always understand it and does it have to rhyme? The former, are questions that I used to ask myself, and the last ("latter"? Oh, fancy word!) is something that I am beginning to understand. One thing that I love about poésie* is that one can... Read more →

Inspired by the scene above (photo taken in Villedieu), this edition is devoted entirely to green! Today we are focusing on recycling and we are sharing tips on how to be eco-friendly. Please don't hesitate to send in your ideas & eco experiences, via the comments box, for all to see (and use!). Also, don't forget to... Read more →

Poilu... and prickly! in the desert hills of northern Tunisia. A next-to-the-last call to UK readers: We will be at the Barbican Centre this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday--all day! If you're in the area... look us up! (And it's not too late to get a free ticket to this event). * * * Did you know that... Read more →

Cruisin' through the Tuscan Vauclusian countryside yesterday... My husband still gives me driving lessons (from the passenger seat). I tell him I've been behind the wheel for 23 years. Apparently, says he, it's time to learn to shift gears. Conduire (kohn-dweer) verb to drive . In the winter of 2001, I left work at the vineyard each... Read more →

Field of poppies in the Vaucluse (photo taken last Spring). Remerciements to "Intuit" who left a comment* yesterday that inspired the following post. jour du Souvenir (joor-deuh-soov-neer) noun, masculine : Remembrance Day, November 11th, Armistice Day, Veterans Day, Poppy Day The following is Jean Pariseau's translation of the famous war remembrance poem, In Flanders Fields, by Canadian... Read more →

"89 and Drinks Only Wine". Monsieur Delhomme (senior). * * * New, in books: "I'll Never Be French (no matter what I do): Living in a Small Village in Brittany" by Mark Greenside (Author) souci (soo-see) noun, masculine : calendula flower (pot marigold) [from the Latin solsequia, meaning tournesol (sunflower)] souci (soo-see) noun, masculine : preoccupation; concern... Read more →

A paramour and his puffy petite amie in the town of Grignan (where Madame de Sevigné, famous for the witty and entertaining letters that she wrote to her daughter, lived). ~~~~~~~~~~~~News & Next Meet-Up~~~~~~~~~~~ Cheers & Tchin-tchin!: Our Domaine Rouge-Bleu wines are now available in the San Francisco area at ...and a reminder to UK readers:... Read more →