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The "Gâteau Savane" from today's story. Those are the pine cones that Christiane helped me to collect. And that, there, is a very old roof tile. The cursive reads "fait" and "30 juin". gâteau (gah-toh) noun, masculine : cake Plus la part de gâteau est belle, plus elle a de chance de tomber de travers dans l'assiette... Read more →

My mom, Jules, in 2003 (one month after her first mastectomy). She found her bike at the French flea market for 15 euros. vélo (vay-loh) noun, masculine 1. bike, bicycle [from vélocipède] La vie, c'est comme un vélo, il faut avancer pour ne pas perdre l'équilibre. Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you... Read more →

I forgot to charge my camera's batteries, so Jean-Marc took this photo (and more, below) with his telephone. Can you make out which monkey is my daughter, which singe is my son, and which one is Braise-the-Dog? More about our walk up Sainte-Victoire in today's story column. une grimpette : a steep little climb Example: C'est là... Read more →

Photo taken in Visan, land of a million cats! Whether slightly color-blind, like this black-and-white cat, or completely non-voyant, Louis Braille believed that the gift of literacy belonged to everyone. Read more about this remarkable Frenchman who, as a child, would change the world. non-voyant (nohn-voy-ahn) noun, masculine* : visually handicapped person * the feminine is "non-voyante"... Read more →

Red, White, and Blue! (And, regarding the sign over the door... we trust this ship is now on course.) Today we are talking about where we were when we witnessed the historic inauguration (see today's story column). Please join in, in the comments box! le serment (sair-mahn) noun, masculine 1. oath 2. pledge la prestation de serment... Read more →

Photo taken this morning... in the town of Visan. What strikes you about the image? Help us to see it, in detail, through your eyes, in the comments box. Many thanks! autrement dit (oh-truh-mahn-dee) : in other words Autrement Dit / In Other Words (...or how not to get too personal when "the sweet life" turns to... Read more →

A cozy town somewhere in Provence... Talk about today's photo in the comments box. What do you see? What do you like? What is oh-so-French about this scene? Can you tell me a story, no matter how imaginary, about the homeowners? Look closely and unwrap the various "morsels". Close-ups are found at the end of this post.... Read more →

I snapped this photo in Rochegude, while running early to a luncheon.* Those sunny shutters remind me of our hostesse's character. More about le repas in today's story column. *(By the way, while it is most-often French words that bestill a Francophile's heart, have you ever let yourself linger over the word "luncheon"? It is quite delightful... Read more →

Flowers and a bicycle help rendre hommage to Polly Platt--who loved to ride. Your help is needed in paying tribute this beloved author and speaker. Share your stories about Polly: your favorite anecdotes from her helpful books, a favorite tip that you learned from one of her articles, or a chance encounter that you shared with one... Read more →