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Today's story continues from Châteauneuf-du-Pape ("New Castle of the Pope"), the ruins are pictured here. . Bestselling books on/about France: 1. The Ultimate French Verb Review and Practice 2. Buying a Piece of Paris: A Memoir 3. Exercises in French Phonics en-tête (on-tet) noun, masculine 1. heading 2. headline Audio File & Example sentence Example, taken from... Read more →

photos © Kristin Espinasse. The view of Mont Ventoux ("le Mont Chauve") as seen from the village of Sainte Cécile. "See it" from the village of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, in today's new story column! Remerciements Talk about flower power! The combined strength of your sympathies--via lilies, rosemary, snow drops... pansies--has put a smile in our hearts as my family... Read more →

My grandmother is on a journey. I hope there are French bikes in Heaven! le paradis (pah-rah-dee) noun, masculine : paradise : the gallery, the gods le Paradis terrestre = the Garden of Eden le paradis fiscal = tax haven l'oiseau de paradis = bird of paradise aller au / en Paradis = to go to Heaven... Read more →

La mise-en-scène: doesn't this scene look staged? Walking through the villages of France sometimes makes you feel as if you've stepped back in time, to post war Europe... until you see the modern cars at the end of the lane. Photo taken two weeks ago, in the town of Camaret. I am excited to announce our first... Read more →

On the outskirts of Camaret: Gallic Graffiti façonner (faah-so-nay) verb : to work, shape (metal); to fashion, mold (clay) Listen to the verb conjugation of the French word façonner: Download MP3 * Download Wav je façonne, tu façonnes, il façonne, nous façonnons, vous façonnez, ils façonnent =>past participle: façonné . I love it when my French aunt... Read more →

Welcome to Sunday morning in the French wine-making town of Rasteau, a smile around every corner... Read on, in today's story column. All photos © Kristin Espinasse un sourire (soo-reer) noun, masculine : smile Just a smile for you today. For more about the French word "sourire" visit the smile post. . On a photographic escapade through... Read more →

Sun-bleached in the town of Visan. photos © Kristin Espinasse. What do you see in this photo (and, re the word of the day, I promise you won't find a bear--or even a Big Dipper--hidden behind those lacey curtains!). Share your observations in the comments box. At the not-so-enlightened age of thirty-four, I learned that the Tooth... Read more →

They say "when one door closes... une autre s'ouvre..." See another photo, below. photos © Kristin Espinasse souscrire (soo-skreer) verb : to subscribe A Day in a *Newsletter's* Life... They say "change is good" and I've been trying to subscribe to this mighty morsel of sagesse since last summer... when the email listserver for this newsletter doubled... Read more →

In the moss-covered village of Rochegude... a courtyard, above, located beside the writer's den that I mentioned in a recent post.. parole (pah-rol) noun, feminine : lyrics; word (spoken) . Audio File: Hear Aunt Marie-Françoise pronounce the French word "parole":Download Parole Download Parole À la parole on connaît l'homme. --PA Manzoli Help translate today's quote? ...or share... Read more →

I wanted to move right in, on seeing this little gem (and writer's den?)--yesterday morning in the town of Rochegude. More photos after the story column, below. photo © Kristin Espinasse saisir (say-zeer) verb : to capture, to seize Audio File: Listen to the correct pronunciation of the French word "saisir", and hear the conjugated verb. Mille... Read more →