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Jean-Marc, strolling with me through the town of Vacqueras. I'm just going to steal one more photo ...from the upcoming Cinéma Vérité edition... before I get my act together, and figure out how to temporarily organize myself on my son's new computer after regaining power (and one new PC...) here at the farm. That's my husband, le... Read more →

all photos © Kristin Espinasse Bonjour from the internet cafe here in Sainte Cécile-Les-Vignes. Too bad it takes a small catastrophe to drive one outdoors and into the neighborly streets... The good news is I've met two new friends, Carole and Abdallah (here at the tourist office); many thanks to these two for allowing me to use... Read more →

Mystery, intrigue... and a flower thief in Sainte Cécile-les-Vignes. Read on. photo © Jules Greer When my mom, Jules, steps off the plane in France she always feels like she has stepped back in time: into the very footsteps of French soldiers; their traces now obliterated: all that remains is the ghost of war. Regular old vines... Read more →

In the town of Violès (Vaucluse) rencontre (rahn kontr) noun, feminine : encounter, meeting (of persons); duel, skirmish . A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse (Note: The following post was written in 2009) Jules made it from Mexico to Marseilles yesterday! On the way out of the airport terminal, Mom and I stopped along... Read more →

A roof over one's head in the town of Monêtier les Bains (French Alps). photo © Kristin Espinasse Shopping: Chasing Matisse: A Year in France Living My Dream I'll Never Be French (no matter what I do): Living in a Small Village in Brittany Songs in French for Children including Alouette, Sur le Pont d'Avignon, Claire Fontaine,... Read more →

All photos © Kristin Espinasse Come harvest time, this old wagon is an important part of la routine for a certain Cécilién* farmer. (*Cécilien, Cécilienne: resident of the village of Sainte Cécile-les-Vignes) Jean-Marc's USA Wine Tour: If you are near Tampa on March 24th, you are very welcome to join Jean-Marc for one of his wine tastings.... Read more →

A culprit of a cadran. More in today's story.... PS: Over a dozen photos, like this one from our trip, will be posted this weekend over at Cinéma Vérité. More about the new weekend photo supplement here. Cracking the SAT French Subject Test, 2009-2010 Edition "Hide This French Book" is (ooh, là là) an uncensored language guide...... Read more →

All photos © Kristin Espinasse NEW! When you support French Word-A-Day with a gift of $30 or more, you will receive access to Kristin's online photo journal "Cinéma Vérité". Enjoy this weekend photo supplement, updated each Saturday with high-resolution photos of some of Kristin's favorite French villages. You will also learn the very personal meaning behind Cinéma... Read more →

A cadran solaire in Serre Chevalier. Thank you, "Newforest", for leaving a comment about this sundial: "The inscription in Latin stresses our human condition: VULNERANT OMNES ULTIMA NECAT, = Toutes (les heures) blessent, la dernière tue. = All hours wound, the last one kills." cadran (kah-drahn) noun, masculine : (clock) face, dial Audio File: Listen to the... Read more →

A shopfront in Le Panier--a quartier in Marseilles that one never wants to quitter. TODAY'S WORD: QUITTER 1. to leave, to quit 2. to give up, vacate, forsake 3. to exit LISTEN: Hear Jean-Marc pronounce today's quote: Download wav Il faut se quitter souvent pour s'aimer toujours. We must leave each other often in order to love... Read more →