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A barrique of French flowers for you today... from the wine-making town of Rasteau. barrique (ba-rheek) noun, feminine : barrel, cask (wine-making) Three Tempting Reasons to join Cinéma Vérité today: 1. 15 feel-good photos of Giens, the peninsula & postcard village near Hyères 2. a short, stinging, slice-of-life scene from this morning, here at the wine farm... Read more →

My fourteen-year-old fiston* on the beach in Giens. He's eating "un sandwich baguette". Learn about another kind of baguette (en bois*), in today's story column. mauvais perdant (moh-vay pair-dahn) : sore loser (feminine: une mauvaise perdante [moh-vayz pair-dahnt) Audio File & Example Sentence: Listen to my daughter, Jackie, pronounce the following French words: Download MP3 or Download... Read more →

Everyone needs affection. Read on, in today's story column. (photo taken at Le Salinas restaurant, located along La Plage des Estagnets along the presqu'île, or peninsula of Giens, near Hyères (Var). dorloter (dor-lo-tay) verb : to pamper synonyms: bichonner (to cosset), pouponner (to coddle), gâter (to spoil) Audio File & Verb Conjugation: Download Wav file or Download... Read more →

Is there a difference between un goéland & une mouette (French words for seagull)? Photo taken at the old port in Giens, the peninsula near Hyères. détente (day-tant) noun, feminine : relaxation, easing synonym: relâchement (loosening, slackening) Audio file & Example Sentence: Download MP3 or Download Wav File La sieste consiste essentiellement en un repos du cerveau.... Read more →

Canvas: Toile, carte bancaire, papeterie and belle époque in French

French art and a classic car along the port in St. Tropez la toile (twal) noun, feminine canvas Françoise has not changed much in the three years since Mom and I have frequented her art shop. She still has her ballerina-thin figure and still paints cherry-red streaks through her chocolate-brown hair; the contrast is as stark as... Read more →

One of my favorite things about going to the grocery store in Camaret-sur-Aigues is seeing the line-up of vélos out front. Question: do French bikes have more character than others? Are the bicycles in your area as authentic? What makes them so? * * * Today we will need to pedal quickly, what with another mise en... Read more →

"Neighbors" (Les Voisins) Read about neighborliness, or les rapports de bon voisinage, in today's story column, written by one of my favorite in-laws, Tante Marie-Françoise. Enjoy! Book recommendation: Eiffel's Tower: And the World's Fair Where Buffalo Bill Beguiled Paris, the Artists Quarreled, and Thomas Edison Became a Count Note: if the book's delightful sub-title didn't win you... Read more →

No, these are not nids-de-poules, just overgrown pebbles. Given the choice between featuring an unsightly pothole... and a scenic paysage, well -- the latter won out! What do you call a French linguist get-together in which idioms and & expressions flow like beer... and take on a bit of farmyard flair? Answer (hint: say it with a... Read more →

The clock reads une heure dix-sept. Three minutes till take-off! Read about our promenade pédestre in today's story column. tituber (tee-too-bay) verb : to stagger, to totter tituber de fatigue = to stumble along French Verb Conjugation: je titube, tu titubes, il titube, nous titubons, vous titubez, ils titubent (pp = titubé) Audio File: listen to today's... Read more →

That's my husband, laboring ploughing the earth. Jules took this photo (by the way, Mom made it safely home and is now on a mission to find a scooter... and motor up to the Mexican hills, yonder, in search of new friends: preferably old, preferably wrinkled, preferably wild-at-heart). nuage (noo-ahzh) noun, masculine : cloud Terms & Expressions:... Read more →