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lavoir (laah-vwar)noun, masculine wash house, washing place Audio File & Example Sentence Listen to my daughter's dear friend, Sonia, pronounce these French words: Download MP3 sound file On lave son linge sale au lavoir. We wash our clothes at the (community) wash basin. Improve your French pronunciation with the Exercises in French phonetics book. Click here. .... Read more →

Today's story, by guest author Arnold Hogarth, takes place in Paris, on the charming Ile Saint-Louis.... Speaking of Paris, mille mercis for the fun and inspiring Paris suggestions that you sent my friend, Greg-- who sends you his remerciements. * * * Today's word from French Word-A-Day. (...sign up if you haven't already!): colis (ko-lee) noun, masculine... Read more →

Les hasards du métier: I have been hollered at...while photographing the locals...but this is the first time I have ever been mooned by one! Photo taken in the town of St-Maurice-sur-Eygues, coming soon to a Cinéma Vérité "theater" near you! l'accent tonique (lah-ksahn toh-neek) noun, masculine : tonic stress (aka "accent d'intensité) Audio File: Listen to my... Read more →

"What's for lunch?" (That'd be the pigeons talking and not the Frenchman studying the pigeons, fork and knife in hand, hands rapping the table in the courtyard, below! Do you see the second pigeon, hidden in the "trou" to the left? un poireau (pwah-roh) noun, masculine : a leek (The plural is "poireaux") For those of you... Read more →

After a spell in Marseilles (Hex in the City?) the dogs are hanging out now, like angels, at the farm. That's the seductrice (winking). Sam "The Man," the gentleman gigolo, is looking camera shy. Click to enlarge this photo. comme si de rien n'était : as if nothing had happened Sound File & Example Sentence Download MP3... Read more →

Now that you know the ending to our lost dog story, we can slow down a bit -- and learn the middle part! (Click on the photo to enlarge... and please excuse the marchand de sable or "sandman" in Sam The Man's eyes, but you'll allow him the excuse of complete exhaustion, won't you?!) . crevé(e) (kruh-vay)... Read more →

Our girls. No French "word" today (in the traditional sense...), just great thanks, or remerciements. Following the heartfelt responses that my family continues to receive, in response to yesterday's journal entry about our lost dog, I could not bear to leave you hanging on until tomorrow for the rest of the story. For all of you who... Read more →

Our beloved dog, Braise. Photo taken one month ago... . CHIEN PERDU : LOST DOG . Audio File Download Chien "perdu" MP3 file . A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse A terrible thing happened at the breeder's in Marseilles: the dogs escaped. Jean-Marc and I arrived at the boarder's (who, I now admit, were... Read more →

I've lived on funny-named streets before ("Never Mind Trail" back in Carefree, Arizona...) but this one takes the cake: "Rue des Emmerdeurs" (un emmerdeur/euse = a pain in the neck). * * * Please excuse the temporary change in format. Your editor is feeling very much like a rebel *without* a cause today. (And, Mom, if you... Read more →

Love Shack. I took a dozen photos of this dreamy field and dashing farm hut, located outside the town of Orange. See several of the images in Saturday's Cinéma Vérité. Updating the French photo site, each weekend, is both a privilege and a pleasure--I hope it brings you as much enjoyment! Check out what CV members have... Read more →