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Rock on -- la récolte commence! That's my belle-soeur, Cécile , who is back--along with her friends, to help us with this third harvest. *** la récolte (lah ray kolt) noun, feminine : harvesting; collecting; gathering : harvest, crop . Audio File & Example Sentence: (check back for the sound file...) Cette année la récolte des raisins... Read more →

Jean-Marc and the Croatian fishermen. Read on, in today's story column... gracieux (grass-yeuh) adjective : gracious, welcoming you know of any terms or expressions that fit with today's word? Thanks for sharing them in the comments box -- for all to enjoy! Audio File: Listen to my son Max pronounce these French words: Download Gracieux Les... Read more →

Door beads--and a would-be butterfly--were just part of the charm awaiting us at our vacation rental in Croatia. See another photo, below. *** le mot juste (leuh moh zhoost) noun, masculine : the exact word or expression Audio File & Example Sentence: Listen to my son, Max, pronounce the following French words: Download Le mot juste ...on... Read more →

"Giggly & Pensive" in the town of Ovada, Italy. After a "game" of charades, this couple understood my request and graciously offered to pose for this photo. Don't miss another dozen photos of Italy, coming up in a future edition of my photo blog, "Cinéma Vérité. sauve qui peut (sohv kee peuh) expression : a general panic;... Read more →

No canard photos on file for you today. (I locked myself out of my "photos on file"... when my computer crashed last March.) I hope this "Croatian Door" will satisfy your appetite for a slice of Mediterranean life. Don't miss a dozen more slices in this Saturday's Cinema Verite photo gallery! canard (kah-narh) noun, masculine : duck... Read more →

A vegetarian-friendly photo taken on the island of Cres in Croatia. (Herbivores may stop reading at this point... and check back to the next edition). *** News: I will be joining two authors at the American Library in Paris, to talk about "fish-out-of-water experiences" living in la belle France. If, by chance, you are in Paris on... Read more →

We might have avoided the 14-hour chassé-croisé and its memorable bumper-to-bumper bouchon* at the Croatian border had we taken this cheery "pointu"* in place of our Citroën... (photo taken last week, on the Istrian island of Cres). chassé-croisé (shah-say-krwah-zay) noun, masculine 1. comings and goings 2. a period of heavy, two-way traffic 3. cross-translation 4. (there seems... Read more →


The market in Les Arcs-sur-Argens. une oeillade (euh-yahd) noun, feminine a furtive glance, an ogle; a wink, look-over, peep; a sheep's eye ...puis une oeillade au blond, une oeillade au brun, lancée en contrebande... ...then a wink to the blond, a furtive glance at the brunette, delivered like smuggled goods... --from "Beautés de la poësie anglaise" by... Read more →