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You could say that these sécateurs are the liaison between grapes and wine, couldn't you? For how could one exist without the other--how could wine be born without vines first being torn? It is with a snip or a clippety clip that one then becomes the other. In cutting the umbilical cord, or stem, transition begins. So... Read more →

Le Petit Larron -- The Little Thief. France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. Advertise your business, blog, B&B or language program here! Contact Kristin. larron (lah rohn) noun, masculine : thief l'occasion fait le larron = opportunity makes a thief Le larron does not seem to be used in conversational French (my daughter... Read more →

Max and Jackie with baby Braise, 2006 la fifille(fee-fee) noun, feminine : affectionate term for "my little girl" or "sweetheart" Petit Larousse (French) definition: fifille = fille, fillette (girl, little girl) Audio File & Example Sentence: Listen to my (then 11-year-old) son, Max, pronounce the following sentence: Viens ici ma fifille! Come here, my girl! Download MP3... Read more →

Soul mates l'âme soeur (lam sur) noun, feminine : soul mate Audio file and example sentence: Listen to my daughter (then me, with a bit of difficulty...) pronounce these French words: Download Wav or Download MP3 Pourquoi cette difficulté de trouver la véritable "âme sœur"? Peut être parce qu’il n’y en a qu’une sur Terre. Why is... Read more →

Harvesters' Hands: Jacqui (left) and Denise (right). More, in today's story column written by Denise. main (mahn [silent "n"]) noun, feminine : hand My dictionary has one full page of definitions and expressions for the French word "main"... I will need your help, today, in listing those "main" (hand) terms and idioms that you know. How about... Read more →

A bakery in the town of Camaret sur Aigues, in the heart of Provence. fille (fee) noun, feminine . : daughter Telle mère, telle fille. Like mother, like daughter. --Ezekiel Audio File: Listen to the French word "fille" and the above quote: Download mp3 . Download wav A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse (We... Read more →

(Photo taken here at Domaine Rouge-Bleu.) Read about one harvester's experience in the following story column! Reminder: If you happen to be in Paris on October 7th then we would love to meet you at the American Library! terroir (ter-waahr) noun, masculine : soil; land un accent du terroir = a rural accent la cuisine du terroir... Read more →

The harvest: Phase Two and Grape Expections in today's story column. attente (ah-tahnt) noun, feminine : expectation "Attente" has other meanings and expressions... Help add to the definition by listing them in the comments box. contre toute attente = contrary to all expectations répondre à l'attente de = to live up to someone's expectations Audio File and... Read more →

photo taken in the Montafon Valley, Austria. Click to enlarge. clochette à vache (klo-shet ah vash) noun, feminine : cow-bell Audio File & Example sentence: Listen to American me... and my French son... give our individual versions of the following French words! Download Wav file or Download MP3 Je collectionne les clochettes à vache. I collect cow-bells.... Read more →

My son, Max, taming les toutous. Harvest update: Youpie* -- Charles has arrived! After a quadruple bi-pass surgery in 2007, this is his third vendange* here at Domaine Rouge-Bleu where Charles doubles as investisseur! He just can't seem to get in enough back-breaking, knee-numbing grape-picking (and he can't get in enough greasy chips in either! Don't worry,... Read more →