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For the purposes of this edition, and so as to remain neatly "in theme," we'll call the little guy in the lower left "Frank." franc, franche (frawn, frawnsh) adjective frank, true, free, exempt ...and the verb "franchir" : to cross, step over (out), overcome :: Audio Clip & Example Sentence:: Hear our son, Max, recite today's quote:... Read more →

Braise & Smokey's Excellent Adventure. While the kids, the husband, the mother-, brother-, sister-in-law and I visit Morocco (a trip two years in the making!), the rest of our furry family will be "séjouring" in Vaison la Romaine... Chez Ellen and Mark. Not sure if the Sullivan's will have time to update their blog... but you might... Read more →

A clock in Cairanne. It is time to put this word journal on automatique—but only for the next three posts. Beginning Wednesday, we will revisit the word-a-day archives—in time for our family to take a mini-break. I am already looking forward to telling you more stories dans un petit semaine. percer (pehr-say) verb to pierce percer quelque... Read more →

"Droguerie... et Lumière" from the Cinéma Vérité photo archives. In Upcoming Events: Jean-Marc will be hosting a Domaine Rouge Bleu Winemaker's dinner on Monday 23rd November in Copenhagen. Menu and price will be fixed. There are only 40 seats. Booking has to be made directly to The Wine Company by e-mail:, phone +45 22 24 68... Read more →

"Méfiance & Insouciance" ("Mistrust & Unconcern"). The pictures above show Smokey's parents, Sam & Braise, illustrating the concept of "méfiance" (see Sam, left) and carefree "insouciance" (see Braise, right). Smokey's family trusts that he will move from one emotional stage to the other, before long (we hope!). (See the original photo at the end of this edition.)... Read more →

Smokey and his new silver cheek. Our vet stapled Smokey back together: his cheek and upper jaw were mended and several more staples were used to patch up his throat after a couple of attack dogs wandered into our yard on Friday. Read on, in today's story column just below. une plaie (play) noun, feminine : wound... Read more →

A basket of pomegranates at our local superette. la journée mondiale de l'alimentation : World Food Day . Audio File & Example Sentence: Download Wav or Download MP3 Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the following French words: Aujourd'hui c'est la journée mondiale de l'alimentation. Comme dit Coluche, "Quand je pense à toi, je pense à moi." Today is... Read more →

"Aubergines." An old door/former shop front in the town of Suze-la-Rousse. caviar d'aubergines (kah-vee-ahr doh-behr-zheen) : eggplant caviar . Audio file & Example Sentence: Download MP3 file or Download Wav "...profiter des bontés de cette généreuse saison des récoltes et courir acheter aussi des paniers d'aubergines et de courgettes, pour... ratatouille et ... caviar d'aubergines." --from Le... Read more →

Shakespeare and Company: an historic expat bookstore in Paris. Still soaring from the high of speaking at the American Library... I marched right into Shakespeare & Co. (before Fear had a chance to bully me and lie to me again...) and offered up my new public speaking services... To get this new gig--I acted as if--as if... Read more →

It was a dream come true to speak in Paris at the American Library. Read on, in today's story column. (Picture taken with my camera after the speaking event, as Jean-Marc and I walked back to our hotel.) jalon (le jah-lohn) noun, masculine : milestone A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse The night before... Read more →