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$7 off French Word-A-Day book -- today only!

Bonjour les Amis et les Amies, In case you missed the previous post... there is a special offer on my latest French word and photo book: Receive a $7 discount when you order through December 31st. This is the last day to take advantage of the savings so please order now! Here are the promotional codes that... Read more →

Bonjour from the Arizona desert where we are packing our valises, and unpacking our hearts with sentimental goodbyes. We don't fly back to France for another 24 hours but, have you ever noticed, the leaving sometimes begins before the cherished visit ends. Perhaps this is how we ease ourselves into the agony of absence... . The absence... Read more →

Cabanon in Les Arcs-sur-Argens France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. .un chouia (or chouïa) (shooy-arrh) noun, masculine : "un petit peu," a smidgen [Chouïa is an Arabic word; we hear it often here, in the South of France.] Audio File: Listen to my mother-in-law pronounce today's French word. Un chouia. Un petit chouia.... Read more →

Revving it up in the town of Valbonne. Next meet-up: Phoenix, Arizona—December 26th. Download PHX flyer réveillon (ray-veh-ohn) noun, masculine 1. Christmas Eve Dinner, New Year's Eve Dinner, midnight supper (réveillon de Noël, reveillon du Nouvel An) 2. Christmas / New Year's Eve party Great French-themed books for children, by Catherine Stock: "A Spree in Paree" and... Read more →

If a chocolate trough existed, it might be behind these doors. mangeoire (mahn-zhwar) noun, feminine 1. trough, manger (animals) ; feeding dish (birds) 2. crèche (Christ child's crib) Next meet-up: Phoenix, Arizona—December 26th. Download PHX flyer Audio File Hear today's French word and proverb: Download mp3 or Wav Cheval affamé nettoie sa mangeoire. A starving horse cleans... Read more →

une ficelle

une ficelle (fee-cel) noun, feminine : string A Day in a DESERT Life... by Kristin Espinasse Bonjour from Palm Springs or "Palm Strings" as my kids call it. I am sneaking into this post, juste pour un instant, just to say salut, or "hey" if you like. Here in Palm "Strings"--or Palm Ficelle--we are visiting my dad,... Read more →

I don't know why I want "straight" to always be the rule when, in fact, I often admire what is off-center. Read on, in today's story column. Next meet-up: Phoenix, Arizona—December 26th. Download PHX flyer règle (regl) noun, feminine : rule, ruler; rule (of conduct, grammar); (règles = menstruation) Audio File: listen to today's word and hear... Read more →

The scene was so classic that I wondered, as I snuck up to snap the photo, whether it weren't staged! Notice the underwear: one per "hook"... Photo taken in Nyons (just next to a chichi restaurant. well, that oughta show 'em!). de guingois (deuh-gehn-gwah) adverbial and adjectival phrase : askew, lopsided marcher de guingois = to walk... Read more →

Correction (!) On Friday I noted "PQ" as "papier queue". "Q," it turns out, is the phonetic sound behind the French word that the "Q" in "PQ" represents. Thanks to those of you who wrote in to straighten things out! les restes (lay rest) noun, masculine plural : leftovers France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties... Read more →

Guess where this photo was taken? More photos in tomorrow's Cinema Verite! Next meet-up: Phoenix, Arizona—December 26th. Download PHX flyer P.Q. (pay kew) noun, masculine : papier queue (toilet paper) In Comments: hi : maybe PQ is papier- cul (au lieu de papier queue) Q is the phonétic " word" for cul in this case. best regards.... Read more →