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Over at the French photo blog we are just getting into the swing of things! I can't wait to show you Caromb, next-door neighbor to the beloved towns of Bédoin and Crillon-le-Brave (we'll see these soon!). mansuétude (man-sooay-tood) noun, feminine : tameness, gentleness, "mercifulness"; leniency Exercises in French Phonics is... " a great book for learning French... Read more →

Meet Madame Alberte. It's cold out, but inside Madame's nest there's enough warmth for new friends: feathered, furry, and foreign, like me. Come along and see... mamie (mah-me) noun, feminine : granny A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse I was hoping she would talk to me. Chances were, she would, for as I advanced... Read more →

"Empty Niche Syndrome." Photo taken in Caromb. What To Do in Aix-En-Provence? I received the following letter from a reader and hope you can help by submitting tips on what to do and see in Aix! Kristin, If you have a moment, please... I am thinking about planning a trip to France in late August of this... Read more →

Walk or drive or bus or bike... but go somewhere new & inspiring this week. Receive French Word-A-Day via email, or sign-up a friend. mi-vitesse (me-vee-tess) adverb : half-speed A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse I drove to Roquemaure for my mom. I did it because I got tired, fed up with feeling guilty.... Read more →

Meet "Rif" and "Raf"—a couple of French gastronomes that I met while photographing Roquemaure yesterday... Please share their funny story, below, with a friend... and be sure to check out the comments box to this edition, where readers have been asked to share their favorite potato recipes! . et patati et patata (ay pah-tah-tee ay pah-tah-tah) expression... Read more →

Last night my bed felt as cozy as the steel walls of a Paris train station... . France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. veille (vey) noun, feminine : sleeplessness, wakefulness from the Latin, "vigilia" Also: en veille = watch (nightwatch) en mode veille = in sleep mode la veille = the day before... Read more →

Are there seasons in Heaven? A field of French flowers for a favorite Uncle. Help spread the French word: if you enjoy these thrice-weekly visits to France, perhaps a friend would too? Please forward today's edition or share the blog. (Smokey would like to add: "for those who don't fancy French... then please tell an animal lover... Read more →

"Bird on a French Limb" (c) Kristin Espinasse. I hope the folks over at Cinema Verite don't mind my sharing this photo. I will make it up to them this year—just as soon as we are completely "un-snow-bound"... and I can get out to the local villages and photograph the French towns! . France and Monaco Rentals.... Read more →

French footsteps in the snow. It's almost here! The new Kindle DX with a new 9.7" screen and 3G wireless coverage at home or in France!!! Order it here. enneigé (eh-neh-zhay) adjective : snowbound, snowy . A Day in a Dog's Life... By Smokey Dokey This is my dear maman (a.k.a. "Braise" [BREZ, like PEZ—the candy—and we... Read more →

Of vines and designs. What do you see in these vines? Dancers? Waves? Share your vision, here in the comments box. le pif (peef) noun, masculine : nose (slang), schnozzle au pif = at a rough guess, at random cuisiner au pif = cooking by guesswork . A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse Being... Read more →