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A rose-lover's Shangri-la: the village of Grignan. (Just don't steal the flowers... or the sweetness.... read on in today's story column. choper (sho-pay) verb : to steal, to nib; to catch Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these French words (Download MP3 or Wav file) Il a chopé un rhume / He caught a cold. Elles ont... Read more →

Share these French words and photos with a friend: click here for a free email subscription. Today's photo: My fourteen-year-old fiston* on the beach in Giens (near Hyérès). He's eating "un sandwich baguette". Learn about another kind of baguette (en bois*), in today's story column. mauvais perdant (moh-vay pair-dahn) : sore loser (feminine: une mauvaise perdante [moh-vayz... Read more →

A field of provençal poppies (near Bollène) for my mom, Jules. acrostiche (akro-steesh) noun, masculine : acrostic Here is a French definition, from Le Petit Larousse: Acrostiche: pièce de vers composée de telle sorte qu'en lisant dans le sens vertical la première lettre de chaque vers on trouve le mot pris pour thème.... => An acrostic is... Read more →

A couple of French turkeys, each pouting in his/her own corner après l'engueulade. Photo taken at Château Miraval, in 2005. Sign up for French Word-A-Day: it's free. . engueulade (ongh-lahd) noun, feminine 1. argument, shouting match 2. scolding Also: a telling-off, bawling out, blowing up, chewing out or "a giving to another of one hell of a... Read more →

Is going to the local café a favorite amusette of yours, as it is mine? For the purposes of this edition (we always need a purpose...) we're calling this restaurant a buvette. Read on in today's edition—by guest columnist "Newforest". amusette (ah moo zet) noun, feminine : pastime, idle pleasure, diversion : a kind of fire arm... Read more →

A photo for Diane Scott. This dog (an épagneul?), lives in St. Tropez and gets to call those lovely blue shutters and lace curtains home. Now if someone would just let the loiterer inside for a nice treat! Note: today's extra edition is a word only. The regular edition (with sound file, vocab section) returns tomorrow! Sign... Read more →

Our story takes place here... subrepticement (soo-brep-teece-mehn) adverb : surreptitiously Audio File & Example Sentence: Download Wav or Download MP3 Et là, nous découvrons ce qu'est le festival [de Cannes]: des queues interminables, des dames très « BCBG » qui se glissent subrepticement devant nous... And there, we discover just what is the Cannes Film festival: interminable... Read more →

An ewt in Ramatuelle... read on énième (en-ee- em) adjective : umpteenth, steenth, nth Audio File & Example Sentence: Larmoyante, elle a fait son énième mea culpa. Teary eyed, she excused herself for the umpteenth time. ("Naomi Campell: Le Mea Culpa de Trop" Gala magazine) Download MP3 . Download Wav A Day in a French Life... by... Read more →

So many different shapes and sizes in a bed of soucis... Some wrinkled, others plump-petaled. More, in today's story column. tintouin (tehn-twehn) noun, masculine : worry, bother; din, racket et tout le tintouin = an all the rest Le copiste avec ses innombrables incorrections me donne autant de tintouin que le poète avec ses étourderies et ses... Read more →

My husband tells me that today's word is a little too argot... and not something he uses very often. But Jean-Marc is from Marseilles... and I'm betting people in Paris would pucker up in pleasure at pronouncing today's term, which is a synonym for "tribe" or "clan" or "posse" or even "bercail". It is especially in theme... Read more →