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In front of Hotel des Invalides... métro boulot dodo : "subway" "work" "sleep" A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse This will have to be an interactive post today, with me being the "inter" and you being the" active". For I am between hours right now, the hour in which I woke up, here in... Read more →

A room with a view or, if you like, une chambre avec une scène. Read on in today's story, by guest blogger Lynn McBride. Yabla French Video Immersion. The fun way to learn French Lié, e (lee-ay) adjective : to be friendly with, close to, attached to Exercises in French Phonics is... " a great book for... Read more →

Are you seeing the broken glass... or the pretty watermelon building in the back? Do you practice positive or stinking thinking? France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. entretenir de grands espoirs : to have high hopes Audio File: listen to my son, Max, pronounce today's expression and these words:Download MP3 or Wav file... Read more →

The laurier-rose is in season... and blue shutters never go out of style. frimousse (free moos) noun, feminine : sweet little face A Day in a (DOG'S) Life... by Smokey "R" Dokey Occasionally, Smokey says, I get fan mail. It's kind of embarrassing—enough to make my frimousse turn as red as my tongue (having snatched a bottle... Read more →

Why does this Provençale hollyhock remind me of Hawaii? This flower is for Aunt Betty, Aunt Missy, and Aunt Janet. Je vous aime! FREE SUBSCRIPTION Click here to sign up a friend or family member to French Word-A-Day. It's fun, educational, and has zero calories. A perfect summertime snack. un brouillon (bruh-yon) noun, masculine : draft (rough... Read more →

Smokey, back from a romp with the ragondins. historiette (ee-stor-ee-ette) noun, feminine : short story synonyme: nouvelle, récit A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse Last night I dialed up Mexico and listened as Mom picked up the phone at the other end of the jungle. I felt grateful to hear her voice and immediately... Read more →

Just learned that you can change Google's background image... with a personal photo :-) France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Propertiesthroughout France. remettre au lendemain (reuh-metr-oh-lahnd-euh-mahn) : to put off until the next day Listen: Download MP3 or Wav Il ne faut pas remettre au lendemain ce qu'on peut faire aujourd'hui. One mustn't put off to... Read more →

It's Vagabonde Vendredi -- time to stray from our comfortable way. I have been saving this favorite flower from my garden for you. Enjoy! THE GIFT OF GAUL Click here to sign up a friend or family member to French Word-A-Day. It's free & inspiring. aviver (ah-vee-vay) verb : to stir up French verb conjugation: j'avive, tu... Read more →

You'll excuse this old jug of wine for not washing its face before our photo session... tsk tsk! Today's bilingual poem is for Mariem, Meissa, and Farès in Avignon... and the English version is for The Dirt Divas: Malou and Doreen: do you have any idea how much joy your flowers bring? le point du jour (leuh... Read more →

In the hilltop village of Oppède Quick, illico! It seems some travelers are in need of Luberon info! Can you please help by responding to the following questions (any tips received via email will be automatically posted to the comments box). Which villages to see in the Luberon? Where to stay in the Luberon? B&B, hotels... gîtes...... Read more →