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This picture may help illustrate what the shop (in today's story) looks like. Replace "Blanchisserie" with "Chez Janine" and the blue panels with dark lacquered wood... et voilà! Note: the next post goes out in one week, on Monday.... une machine à coudre (ma sheen ah koodr) : sewing machine Audio File: hear Jean-Marc pronounce these French... Read more →

Please take a minute to read my interview with Janet Skeslien Charles. Click here. Photo taken in Cassis. Many more Cassis photos in the weekend edition of Cinéma Vérité. Please join me. France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. les moeurs (lay muhrs) noun fpl 1. morals 2. customs 3. manners, ways c'est entré... Read more →

Chez le dentiste in Morocco. Rent Robin's Paris apartment! Click here for details. composite dentaire (kom poh zeet dahn tair) : a type of dental filling made up of composite materials Audio File hear these French words via Wav or MP3 Un composite dentaire. J'ai perdu un composite dentaire. A filling. I lost a filling. Correct Your... Read more →

Les juillettistes, or July vacationers, make their way south to the sea... read on. le décalage horaire (day ka lazh oh rhair) : time difference, time change related terms: le syndrome du décalage horaire = jetlag le fuseau horaire = time zone Audio file: listen Download MP3 or Download Wav featured book: The Pleasing Hour A Day... Read more →

Today's story takes place in Cassis, where risks are taken... especially with fashion. Read on... France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. . agrafer (ah graf ay) verb : to staple, to fasten, hook up, clip together Audio File: hear Jean-Marc*: Download MP3 or wav J'ai agrafé mon pantalon. I stapled my pants. Have... Read more →

A magical hour in an ancient town: Ovada Free Subscription: sign up a friend or family member to French Word-A-Day. Click here to add an email address, or add this blog to a news reader via RSS. *** l'heure bleue (leuhr bleuh, listen to MP3 or wav) noun, feminine 1) the blue hour, the magic hour... crepuscule,... Read more →

A picture that appeared in Cinéma Vérité: "a weekly photo périple through France and beyond." Click here to join: your subscription keeps this word journal on its tip-toes, instead of feet-dragging & putt-putting. Why We Love France... Salut! In the interlude between yesterday's story and its suite, here is un court-métrage* to delight your senses: foremost, your... Read more →

The parasol pine trees of Cassis, where today's story ends in mystery... Free Subscription to French Word-A-Day. Sign up a friend or a family member, here. un regard fixe (reuh gaar feex) : a stare regarder fixement = to stare into the distance Correct Your French Blunders: How to Avoid 99% of the Common Mistakes Made by... Read more →

Knock knock. Who's there? Life, just outside the door. Read on, in today's story. nolife (noh life) noun, masculine A nolife is a person who devotes a very big part (if not an exclusive part) of his/her time to practicing his/her passion (or work) to the detriment of other activities. Un nolife est une personne qui consacre... Read more →

Shelter on a rainy day. Read on, in today's story. vadrouiller (vah-drouih-ay) to roam, wander, trail along Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc Download Wav or MP3 Vadrouiller. J'ai vadrouillé toute la journée à Paris, en attendant mon train. To roam. I roamed all day in Paris, waiting for my train. I Heart Paris Shopper: made of recycled... Read more →