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I heart lonely chairs. More pictures of Nyons in an upcoming Cinéma Vérité. affolement (ah-fol-maohn) noun, masculine : panic, perturbation, unsteadiness verb: affoler: to cause panic and s’affoler: to panic. . Sound file & Example Sentence Download MP3 or Download WAV Pour l'instant, l'heure n'est pas à l'affolement. Now's not the time to worry. A Day in... Read more →

Two things I love about Italy (see the second in today's story...) Free Subscription for students and lifetime learners... click here . clandestin(e) [klhon deh sten (steen)] noun : stowaway (adjective: underground, secret, illicit) Example Sentence & Audio File: Download WAV or MP3 Au retour de Sicile, les enfants ont découvert quelques clandestins dans la voiture! On... Read more →

Pull up a chaise and let me tell you a little about this newsletter's beginnings... (photo taken in Nyons.) avant-propos (ahvahn pro poh) noun, masculine : foreword (to a book or a story) Correct Your French Blunders: How to Avoid 99% of the Common Mistakes Made by Learners of French. Speak and write French as if it... Read more →

Shade in Sicily. More photos of Italy in this weekend's Cinema Vérité. . enflure (on-fler) noun, feminine : swelling (of cheek, etc) also enfler (to swell) and enflé = (swollen) Sound File and Example Sentence: Download Wav or MP3 Notre chien a été piqué par une abeille. Sa "bosse," c'est l'enflure d'une piqûre. Our dog was stung... Read more →

Stair-painting in Provence = creativity in the Midi. Share some arm-chair travel with a friend or a family member: send someone a free subscription to French Word-A-Day. Click here. troisième age (twa zee em ahze) : senior citizen Sound File: (a little behind the scenes clip today in which I demonstrate to Jean-Marc how I want him... Read more →

Sicilian photos coming soon. For now, here's our twelve-headed tournesol (around twelve flowertêtes per plant)! And never miss a photo or French word: Sign up for FREE email delivery and receive this edition in your email box. chut (shoot) : shhh! Sound file and Example Sentence: Listen to my mother-in-law pronounce today's word: Download MP3 or Wav... Read more →

"La Réunion": Daughter Jackie and Smokey "R" Dokey. So sweet to "re-meet". illico presto (ee lee ko press toh) right away French synonyms: immédiatement, aussitôt, sur-le-champ (immediately), tout de suite = all at once Example Sentence: Il faut partir illico presto! We need to leave right away! . A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse... Read more →

Dog Days down South. Photo taken in Presa while the car-chaser was off-duty... le repos (reuh poh) noun, masculine : rest Siesta in Sicily Bonjour from the lava looming foothills of Etna. This « thrice-weekly » journal is on sabbatical for the next two weeks while its ink-pushing editor lets vacation get the best of her. As... Read more →