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I would like to be more welcoming to strangers. And you? inhospitalier (in os pih tal yay) adjective : inhospitable A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse The French have a synonym for ingracious. They call it "uninhabitable" ("inhabitable") and I guess that sums up the way I seem to be: resistant to anyone taking... Read more →

Photo taken in Nyons, land of the olives and more! être rouge comme une tomate : to be as red as a tomato (avoir honte, to be embarrassed) A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse After writing about Harvester Lou, yesterday, I received a bucket of fan mèl for the blue-eyed bachelor. One of the... Read more →

Puzzled at which photo to put up today... I found this forerunner in Ramatuelle. Picture taken last spring. avant-coureur (ah vahn koor ur) adjective : forerunner synonyme: précurseur (noun) A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse Next month this word journal will set out for—and near—its very dear ninth year! How to sum up one's... Read more →

"Le Papillon Jaune" (discovered last month, munching on our hearty Lila d'Espagne). Butterflies! Talk about processus! le processus (pro sess ooce) noun, masculine : process Audio: listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's word & example sentence: Download WAV or MP3 Le processus est toujours le même. The process is always the same. "Processus" by Janet Skeslien Charles Today,... Read more →

Betrothed bikes in Orange, France. épousailles (ay poo zeye) noun, feminine, plural : nuptials, wedding Paris-based novelist Janet Skeslien Charles is back with us today to talk about "le Oui" or the "I Do" of a union of two.... Le Mariage by Janet Skeslien Charles In my novel Moonlight in Odessa, Daria, a young Ukrainian who longs... Read more →

un rappel (rah pel) noun, masculine : a reminder . Bonjour! Just a reminder that, through the end of this month, there is a $7 coupon available for the French Word-A-Day book! In this latest book, there is a full-size photo on every other page! Don't miss this chance to order a copy for yourself or for... Read more →

Some romantic curtains (spotted in Nyons) to go along with our "Romancier" story, by guest blogger Janet Skeslien Charles. romancier (ro man see ay) noun : a novelist Keep up your French with Bien Dire (magazine subscription). A 52-page magazine to improve your French that you'll enjoy reading! Full of interesting articles on France and French culture,... Read more →

To Be or Not to Be? le moi (leuh mwah) : ego, self Reverse dictionary (with English expressions first!) ego trip = glorification de soi-même egoism = le culte du moi and: to be selfish = être égoïste to be egocentric = être égocentrique (related: amour-propre = self love) A Day in a French Life: by Kristin... Read more →

The drawing reads: "In the war of 1870 he drove a team instead of a camion. French 'corvée' laborers. Too old to serve in the active army and so assigned to the more unromantic uninteresting but vital work of loading camions, tending horses, or building and repairing roads back of the lines. It has been said that... Read more →

Little lost lièvre... The Tortoise and the Hare - Bilingual edition! Order here. .. le lièvre (lee evr) noun, masculine : hare synonym: le bouquin = buck rabbit Terms & Expressions: un bec-de-lièvre = hare lip C'est là que gît le lièvre = that's the crucial point lever/soulever un lièvre = to hit on a problem chasser... Read more →