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Quelle chance! We have a story and a recipe and photos--including the still life, above--for you today by guest blogger Lynn McBride. chance (shons) noun, feminine : luck une chance = a stroke of luck avoir de la chance = to be lucky Bonne chance! = Good luck! French Tartes or Southern Pies? Oh, the dilemma… by... Read more →

Read about "Josey" (from our former stomping grounds of St. Maximin) in today's story... and don't miss a photo of Smokey's Ma and Pa at the end of this edition. s'occuper (so-kew-pay) verb to keep oneself busy Italian Josephine made homemade pizza the size of a hamburger patty, only there wasn't any viande, just a bony anchovy... Read more →

Decking the French halls in the town of Barcelonnette. bouée de sauvetage (booay deuh sove tazh) : lifebelt, lifeline, lifebuoy A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse I sit and I listen. I try to ignore the temptation to go upstairs and work on the computer. Email can wait. So can senseless surfing. This is... Read more →

Braise, Smokey, and family wish you bonne fêtes... "many happy returns"! If Smokey looks a little pained in this picture, it is the photographer that is troubling him: why, he wonders, is her cross-eyed face contorting like that? Wouldn't "Cheese!" or "Ouistiti!" be just as effective in getting us to smile? How she troubles herself! poix (pwah)... Read more →

A favorite saying... painted on a modest fence; it reads... "Pour bien vivre, bien aimer et laisser dire." To live well, love well and let others say what they will. aimer (ay-may) verb : to love j'aime, tu aimes, il aime... nous aimons, vous aimez, ils aiment... A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse Examples... Read more →

Photo taken in 2004. That's the tattletale, on the left, and my sister, Heidi (The "RuleBreaker"), right. Our mom, Jules, painted the quail and my mother-in-law, Michèle-France, gave me the owl (next to the rosary and the purse). Voilà... just another family photo. Do you sniff homesickness? rapporteuse (rah por tuhz) feminine singular of "rapporteur" : tattletale,... Read more →

Photo of Embarrassing Parents.... or "Embracing Parents" depending on your point de vue. (Pictured: Jean-Marc, Kristin, and Jackie) malentendu (ma-lahn-tahn-dew) noun, masculine 1. misunderstanding Expression: faire cesser un malentendu = to clear up a misunderstanding L'oreille distraite est l'organe du malentendu. The distracted ear is the organ of misunderstanding. --Albert Brie A Day in a French Life...... Read more →

How much is that kitty in the window? Photo taken in Vaison La Romaine. Never miss a Provençal picture, sign up for French Word-A-Day. donner (doh-nay) verb : to give => donner secours = to give help, aid All the "definitions" for the word "to give" are in today's story. Read on. Listen: Hear the word 'donner'... Read more →

Smokey The Bandit & The Frigo Caper, in today's *bi-lingual* story column! For a free subscription to French Word-A-Day, click here. le frigo (freego) : fridge, icebox synonyme: frigidaire, réfrigérateur, (refrigerator) & la glacière (ice box) Ado, véto, resto... the French seem to love abbreviation. This is not to say that others of us are not guilty... Read more →