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le beurre de cacahuètes (bur deuh kaka wet) : peanut butter Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's word, and phrase: Download MP3 . A Day in a FRENCH DOG'S Life... by Smokey "R" Dokey & Mama Braise (Note: The English-French side-by-side translation to the following story is available! Click here to see it.) Smokey: Parce qu'elle... Read more →

Picture of a "fools the eye" or "trompe-l'oeil" taken in the medieval village of Les Arcs-sur-Argens (Var, France). revivre (reuh veevreuh) : to live again Listen to 13-year-old Jackie pronounce these French words (Download MP3 file) Aimer, c'est mourir en soi pour revivre en autrui. Love is to die to self so as to live again in... Read more →

Look closely and you will see the man in the reflection. I'm looking closely too. malgré les circonstances (mal gray lay sir cohn stahns) : in spite of circumstances (No sound file today) . A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse . La Vie en Prose Looking back one day I will appreciate that malgré... Read more →

Respirez! Breathe in! And let out all your cares. Photo of a merry minou taken in Nyons. respirer (reh spee ray) verb : to breathe synonym : souffler Note: I'm running behind schedule this morning... any terms and expressions related to "respirer" are most appreciated in the comments box only: click here. Audio File and Example :... Read more →

Photo of a modern cabanon with its carpet of white mustard flowers. Don't you just want to lose yourself in it? la veuve de la vendange (lah vuv deuh lah von danzh) : crush widoww A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse I learned a new term last fall, while guiding yet another enthusiastic and... Read more →

Pictured: the perfect parcelle for a Sunday nap. And how did you spend your Dimanche? la terre (ter) noun, feminine : soil, land ; earth; property; clay Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these words: Download MP3 file Je m'allonge sur la terre pour contempler le ciel. I lie on the ground to contemplate the sky. terre... Read more →

Along the steep zigzagging path to the sea in Sicily, we stopped to peer in to this tiny chapel. The doors were locked but we stole glances all the same. . colombe (ko lohmb) noun, feminine : dove A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse (Continued from the previous story: "Switch-back") On New Year's Day... Read more →

Jean-Marc and the Ionian sea in Sicily... where the saline breeze draws you to the salty waters, pleadingly. épingle à cheveux (ay pehngl ah sheuh veuh) n.f. hairpin bend (road, path); switchback Audio: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these French words: Download MP3 file Le chemin de terre qui mène vers la mer descend en épingle à cheveux.... Read more →

The French have a colorful word for what we scaredy cats feel. Read on. Photo of Italian door taken in Aciereale, Sicily. Get out and take some photos or keep a point and shoot camera on hand, at all times, and never miss a shot! une peur bleue (per bleuh) : a morbid fear (also, in French... Read more →

These purple Sicilian cauliflowers were mentioned in the previous story, about a gluttonous gal... anagramme (ana gram) noun, masculine : an anagram is "a reversing [a reordering, rearrangement, or transposition] of letters of a word or a group of words in order to extract a meaning or a new word." (French definition follows...) Audio File: Download MP3... Read more →