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A floppy-eared Sunday here at the farm. . ceci et cela (seuh see ay seuh lah) : this 'n that Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the following words Download MP3 file or Wav file (MP3 not working? Try the Wav file and cross fingers!) Ceci et cela... ou un peu de tout dans cette édition. This... Read more →

The exact meaning and origin of "fuzzy dice" is unclear, but one theory holds that U.S. pilots in World War II used dice in their cockpits for good luck, and they continued the practice when they came home from the war. (Text & image from Wikipedia) dés en peluche (day on peh loosh) noun, masculine : fuzzy... Read more →

"Pain and Hope" as personified by Mama Braise (left) and Smokey Doo. Read about a wine farmer's struggle, in today's missive. la gnac (nee ack) noun, familiar pugnacity, the will to win avoir la gnac (also spelled "gnaque", "niaque") : to be driven, "to have a fire in the belly" (thanks, "Newforest", for this updated definition). This... Read more →

Pictured here: The Welcome-Home Committee... headed by Smokey R. Dokey, left. And that's his mama, Braise (brez, like "Pez"), right. I'd say the Comité de Bienvenue could use a good bath! (Yet one more way for this time-challenged traveler to stay awake during le décalage horaire. Read on!) faire d'une pierre deux coups : to kill two... Read more →

An "amour" of a dilapidated door, I love you, and a tickle war in today's Valentine's edition. And don't miss photos from our AZ French meet-up! je t'aime (zheuh tem) : I love you A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse Je t'aime is something I've been hearing a lot of lately -- in English.... Read more →

"Jules & Frida." À la recherche du temps perdu : in search of lost time; remembrance of things past* *One of the English translations to Proust's famous "A la recherche du temps perdu". Have you read it? Pick up a copy, here. .. A Day in a Mexican Life... by Kristin Espinasse In Search of Lost Time... Read more →

One of these locals taught me a funny expression when, at a local café, she sent back her fried eggs, complaining they were cold as a dead man's butt! So I promised Lulu (left) that today's not-so-French expression would be in her honor... aussi froid que le cul d'un mort* (oh si fwah keuh leuh kul dun... Read more →

"Moto Mama." I should have posted this photo a long time ago. More shouldas in the following ramble, below, and an update on the next French Word-A-Day meetup in Phoenix. Read on! . PHOENIX MEET-UP: See info at the end of this post! Scroll down for directions to our next meet-up! A Day in a Mexican Life..... Read more →