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Our Smokey, all grown up now, would like to add: Je suis toujours le fils de mon père. ("Still the son of my father... even if he does live far away, in Marseilles.") fils (feece) noun, masculine : son C'est bien le fils de son père = he is very much his father's son être le fils... Read more →

One of the photos featured in our Saturday edition "Cinéma Vérité". Find out more about it, and how to help support this free word journal, here. Thank you for your consideration :-) *** One meaning of "host" is "lord of strangers". How's that for mystique? As well, hosting another person is considered, by some, as mystical, even... Read more →

The lavender is deep in bloom. This field was spotted yesterday, on the way home from Malou's garden. aléa (al ay ah) noun, masculine : risk, hazard, chance les aléas du métier = the risks of the trade les aléas de la vie = the vagaries of life après bien des aléas = after many ups and... Read more →

effrayer (eh fray yay) : to scare, to frighten . A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse The Night Shift When wine sales took Jean-Marc out of town for a few nights this week, Jackie came to bunk with me. Monday night we lie there, one of us sniffing, the other, legs reeling. We were... Read more →

A good place to glander... in a cozy room, flowers on the windowsill. Photo taken in Villedieu sometime last fall. glander (glahn day) : to loaf about, to do nothing (especially when you should be working) Example Sentence On se sent un peu coupable quand on glande, n'est-ce pas? We feel a little guilty when we loaf... Read more →

Forget bluegrass - have you ever listened to a field of wheat? (photo taken in Orange) le blé (blay) : wheat le blé is also slang for "dough" (cash, moola) la farine de blé = wheat flour le blé dur = durum wheat le champ de blé = wheatfield or cornfield le blé noir = buckwheat Check... Read more →

A lesson in adjectives: windows are "charmante", women are "canon". You wouldn't say a window is canon, but you could say a woman is charmante. Read on and learn about the French art of complimenting. Photo taken this week in Orange (Vaucluse). canon [kah noh(n)] : gorgeous There are other senses of the word.. for today we'll... Read more →

le badinage (bah dee nazh) : bantering, repartee Also: badin, badine (adj: lighthearted, playful) and badiner (to banter, to jest) sur un ton de badinage = in a bantering, or jesting, tone Je ne badine pas! = I'm not joking! Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these French words: (Download MP3 or Wav file) Le badinage ou... Read more →

"Ruff Ruff Rasta" A couple of curly-haired characters encountered over the weekend. Never miss a word or a photo - click here to receive the free word-a-day newsletter. s'amuser (saah moo zay) : to have fun Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these French words:(Download MP3 file or Wav) On s'amuse bien avec les amis. We have... Read more →