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Storks... and other reminders of the cycle of life... in today's story. The photo above was taken earlier this month, in Alsace, where you'll see fake storks on every corner. (Here, down south, you'll even see the real ones--where cigognes muster on steeples and soar over the grape fields!) la cigogne (sih gohnh) noun, feminine : stork... Read more →

Here at our farm we have no flags to put at half-mast. Hoping these French teddy bears will offer comfort. Meantime, hearts going out, all over the world, to the Norwegian victim's families. en berne (ahn bairn) : at half-mast Audio File: Download MP3 or Wav file Les drapeaux norvègiens sont en berne. Norwegian flags are at... Read more →

Read about "the last peasant" -- in today's story column, then forward to a friend. le paysan (pay ee zahn) : farmer, peasant la paysanne = woman peasant . Audio File & Example Sentence: Download MP3 or Wav File Un paysan est une personne tirant des ressources de la nature proche de son habitat. Il peut adopter... Read more →

An old sabot along Rue du Planet in the village of Buis-les-Baronnies (where I learned to knit the other week). Notice all the elements of a French window: painted shutters, lace curtains, tiles on window sill, wooden lintel, whimsical object (here, and old sabot... and did you see that spider web trailing out of the shoe?! )... Read more →

Last week we cast on in the learning to knit post... this week we cast off to sea in today's larguer edition. Photo taken a few weeks ago, in Colmar, Alsace. (Today's story takes place 8 hours south, on the Mediterranean coast, in the town of Fos-sur-Mer.) larguer les amarres (lar gay layz amar) : to cast... Read more →

"The Life of Art." An accordion, a tattered chair, and the colors of a revolution. Will you celebrate Bastille Day? Where and how? Click here to share your plans. Photo taken last week in Burgundy. Note: the next post goes out on Monday. Paris apartment for rent. St Sulpice. 215 euros per night (min. 3-nights rental) Click... Read more →

How many, like this little gal, dream of riding a scooter through France? Photo of "Ephie" (effy) taken last week in Colmar. Never miss a word or photo, receive word-a-day via email or by RSS updates (for Yahoo, AOL, Google and more). un rêve (rev) : a dream One way I learned French was by listening to... Read more →

"Post visit endorphins" Read on, in today's story-column. Note: The next word-a-day will go out on Monday! . Villa Royale apartment in Monaco. Rent this large studio with beautiful sea views located in the residential district of Beausoleil overlooking Monte Carlo. Click here. . Cool Raoul (khool Rah oohl) expression (How to translate this well known French... Read more →