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Our son, Max, harvesting at Chateauneuf du Pape some seven years ago. Yesterday, he and his 16-year-old buddies helped out with our rosé vendange. By the way... The rosé harvest is finished! ... As we recover from the field and the four (behind which I've been roasting poivrons and sauteing courgettes....), let's take the time to enjoy... Read more →

Halt! Harvest Time. The next edition may or may not go out on Monday... depends on the state of the grapes! une impatience grandissante : a growing anticipation Audio File: Download MP3 or Wave file Comment décrire les sentiments d'un vigneron la veille des vendanges? C'est une impatience grandissante! How to describe a winemaker's feelings prior to... Read more →

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Casanière, or a "homebody"... like me? How do you feel when you finally venture out? Read on, in today's missive. As for today's word, look carefully: it's not a mouchoir, or a handkerchief! Not even a Kleenex, sniff! (Photo taken in Saint-Roman-de-Malegarde, a village or two away from where today's... Read more →

Gone fishing. Home now. And so good to be back at work, putting words down on the blank page and watching a story come to life. Read today's slice o'life... and learn a trick or two! Mas la Monaque - rent this beautifully restored 17-century farmhouse! Click here for photos and availability. une astuce (ahss tooce) :... Read more →

Today's story opens in the poetic place known as Colmar, France. Never miss a photo: sign up, here, for French Word-A-Day. Exercises in French Phonics is... " a great book for learning French pronunciation" Order your copy here. le collier (kohl yay) : necklace Listen to the audio file: Download MP3 or Wav Le collier de Nan... Read more →

"The Boy I was. The Man I'm Becoming". Our 16-year-old, Max. le pantalon (pahn tah lown) : (pair of) pants, trousers le pantalon de costume = dress pants le pantalon à pinces = pleated pants le pantalon battle = cargo pants le pantalon cigarette = straight-leg pants le pantalon 5 poches = 5 pocket A Day in... Read more →

Pro riders in the stage race Le Dauphine. Gary, who sent me the photo & wrote today's story, notes: You can't pick him out in the photo, but this year's Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans is in this peloton, along with Alberto Contador, who won the previous three Tour de France races. Paris apartment for rent.... Read more →

The melody of flower seeds, in today's story.... Why not forward this edition to a green thumb, or main verte? une semence (seuh mahnce) : seed Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file En agriculture, une semence est une graine sélectionnée pour être semée. In agriculture, a seed is a grain selected for sowing.... Read more →