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Looking out towards Cairanne, a nearby village aube (ohb) noun, feminine : dawn, daybreak Le jour vient après l'aube. Day follows dawn. A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse If you were sitting here with me now, facing this blank screen, you might be tempted to do as I am doing... and let your eyes... Read more →

Part of this photo will appear in the book "Blossoming in Provence". Note: all book pictures will be in black and white (I want to keep down the purchase price of the book. To fill it with color photos would greatly increase the cost for readers). si (see) : if *Note: "si" means "yes" when used to... Read more →

When this madcap publishing adventure is over, can we all just sit down and have a drink together? Speaking of sipping, here's a word from Chief Grape: Invite Rouge-Bleu wines to your table for Thanksgiving. They will assure you great success, even if you burn the Turkey. Click here to locate them or Email Chief Grape if... Read more →

Tip: take a break from the current "book publishing" theme by simply reading the stories that follow, below. In the stories "Foi" and "Conjoint" you will continue to build your French vocabulary, while in "Envie" you can read about longing. Mas la Monaque - rent this beautifully restored 17-century farmhouse! Click here for photos and availability. s'envoyer... Read more →

Please stick with me on this French word journey. The current theme, "publishing", will come to a close soon... and we'll be back with more colorful episodes "in a French life"! croire (kwahr) : to believe I don't even know which day of the 21 Day Publishing Challenge today is (Day 11? Day 12?)! I think the... Read more →

Is it really possible to publish a book in 21 days? I'm taking heart that it is. Meantime, a certain heart is taking me.... Read today's story. qui réchauffe le coeur (kee-ray-showf-leuh-ker) : heartwarming France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse The Original "Editorial Sweethearts"... Read more →

A nice place to read or write... bonne lecture! Today we talk about publishing one's blog posts... in book form! Read on! Paris apartment for rent. St Sulpice. 215 euros per night (min. 3 night rental) Click here for more photos! bonne lecture (bohn-lek-toor) n.f. : happy reading! Yabla French Video Immersion. The fun way to learn... Read more →

These days you can publish a book anywhere... even in your own home! Read on, in this blog series Publish A Book in 21 Days--and see if I can do it myself! (Photo taken in the village of Tarradeau, at a goat cheese farm) la maison d'édition (may-zon-day-dee-syon) : publishing house No help with a fancy house... Read more →

One thing's sure: there will be colorful characters in my next book (check out our progress on this, Day Three!, of the Publish A Book in 21 Days Challenge... and thank you for forwarding this post to a writer—a writer being anyone whose desire it is to write, and, especially, one who follows that desire. Read on,... Read more →

This image, though it might be the set for a romantic comedy, exists in reality... in a far-off fishing village at the end of Marseilles. The grandeur of the scene has little in common with fishing, but who says there has to be a logic to everything? Read on, in today's story.... le défi (day fee) :... Read more →