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Does one need to hit the road to sell books on French life? Not when your MOM is busy pounding the pavement! Read on... (photo taken in Briançon). Note: the next word goes out in the new year. Meilleurs Voeux! Bonne Année! le baratin (bara-tehn) sweet talk, smooth talk baratiner = to sweet-talk somebody, to chat someone... Read more →

Have you ever heard an old word... as if for the first time? Your eyes sting; suddenly, you are seized by meaning, when a humble old mot causes your body to form a lump in your throat. Read on, in today's story column. mangeoire (mahn-zhwar) noun, feminine 1. trough, manger (animals) ; feeding dish (birds) 2. crèche... Read more →

The scene was so classic that I wondered, as I snuck up to snap the photo, if it wasn't staged! Notice the underwear: one per "hook". Photo taken in Nyons (next to a chichi restaurant. Well, that oughta show 'em!). It is exciting to watch the numbers as this self-published book competes with the "big guys". At... Read more →

Life's merry-go-round. Read on, in today's letter. (Photo of le manège taken in Marseilles) aigre-doux (ehgrh-doo) : bittersweet Bonjour les amis, I wanted to update you on the good news. Blossoming in Provence made it to #31 in the hot new releases at! I returned home from Marseilles, yesterday, to a flurry of excitement in the... Read more →

The book that took 21 44 days to create, publish and put on-line for sale... thanks for your help (and special thanks to Tamara and Erin at TLC Graphics for this book's cover and beautiful interior). . Bonjour! I am on my way to Marseilles this morning. French Word-A-Day will return on Wednesday. Before I leave, I... Read more →

Please excuse this extra email in your inbox today... but I could not wait to tell you that Blossoming in Provence is now available for purchase. To order a copy please click here! Update: the book is now available at, via this link. Also, please support your local bookseller by ordering Blossoming in Provence at the... Read more →

George Whitman's famous bookshop, on the Left Bank. Today, we remember this incorrigable angel. Read on, and prepare to share your own tributes and stories. ange (ahnzh) : angel Some expressions: mon ange = darling beau/belle comme un(e) ange = beautiful as an angel être aux anges = to be in seventh heaven un ange passe =... Read more →

The little cabanon, the one that makes a cameo in today's story... . habitude (ah-bee-tood) noun, feminine : habit Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these words: Download MP3 or Wave file prendre de mauvaises habitudes = to pick up bad habits j'ai l'habitude = I'm used to it d'habitude = as a rule comme d'habitude =... Read more →

I used to dream of having a writer's room in Paris. Lately, I would rather live life (the stuff of books) rather than dream of writing about it. Writing isn't, after all, a romantic life. Life is a romantic life! Book update: If all goes well, I will upload my book to tonight! Tamara and Erin,... Read more →

Reader Gary McClelland shares another speedy French adventure with you today... read on and discover something fun to do in Provence (or maybe chez vous?) Also, an extra sound file for you today: Jean-Marc has recorded the vocab section following Gary's story. Don't miss it! Occasionally I receive an e-mail asking me to tell the story of... Read more →