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When the last time you were "cat" off guard? What did you discover about yourself: pridefulness? greed? Read on in today's story.... à fond (ah fohn) prepositional phrase : deeply, thoroughly Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc read the following quote: Download MP3 or Wav file A mon avis, vous ne pouvez pas dire que vous avez vu... Read more →

On being on the moon in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Today's subject is absentmindedness.... être dans la lune : to be lost in one's thoughts, to be absent-minded ("to be on the moon") AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file De temps en temps elle ne porte pas trop d'attention. Elle est sur la lune. At times,... Read more →

Share today's "photo du coeur" with a friend... l'ici et maintenant : the here and now, or le moment or l'instant présent Audio File: (I'm afraid our super French word pronouncer (Chief Grape) is away... that means you're stuck with me and my recording. Listen at your own péril...): Download MP3 or Wav file L'ici et maintenant.... Read more →

Are you looking for a little nest of your own in the South of France? Imagine this being the wall of your village! Read about a unique little fixer-upper located in the village next-door to ours, here in the Vaucluse! And, if you know of anyone who dreams of relocating to a charming village in France... be... Read more →

Photo taken in Visan, land of a million cats! Whether slightly color-blind, like this black-and-white cat, or completely non-voyant, Louis Braille believed that the gift of literacy belonged to everyone. Read more about this remarkable Frenchman who, as a child, would change the world. non-voyant (nohn-voy-ahn) noun, masculine* : a blind or visually impaired person * the... Read more →

foutu(e) (foo-tew) adjective 1. damned, ruined, done for 2. kaput, worn out, shot (exhausted) 3. capable (elle est foutue de le faire = she's very capable of doing it) Warning! today's word is slang and not appropriate for all social situations (!!!) Expressions: être mal foutu(e) = to be unattractive être bien foutu(e) = to have a... Read more →

Brise-bise is not the word of the day... but it is the name for these kinds of "half curtains", the ones you see every so often while strolling through a village in France. brosse à dents (bros a don) noun, feminine : toothbrush brosse à dents jetables = disposable toothbrush brosse à dents électrique = electric toothbrush... Read more →

"A Cat in Camaret". I searched my photo archives for a picture of a veste, gave up and settled on this one instead. Note: The next word goes out on Monday. Bonne fin de semaine! veste (vest) feminine : jacket, blazer French Expression: retourner sa veste = to change sides (in a debate, for example) tomber la... Read more →

Jean-Marc's latest pastime. Read on in today's story column. un casse-tête (kass tet) : jigsaw puzzle, brainteaser : difficult problem, headache Note: un casse-tête is a synonym for puzzle. The French more often call a puzzle "un puzzle" or "un jeu de patience". Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc read today's word and the following example sentence: Download... Read more →

Photo taken in March 2010. The window at Shakespeare and Company bookshop... and one of the most exciting days of my life. I brought my book and Chief Grape brought his wine, which was a hit! I learned a little about public speaking—in preparing for the talk—and even more during the talk! *** Today, read a story... Read more →