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Another cat picture... because we all need a bit of color and a little fur in wintertime (for those of you experiencing summer, here is a refreshing photo for you, too!) Photo taken in the town of Villedieu. une tribune (tree bewn) 1. platform (for speaker) monter à la tribune = to stand up to speak Never... Read more →

Thank you for the fun and delightful Favorite French Expressions you sent in last week! Today, learn about another favorite French expression, "pas un chat". il n'y a pas un chat (see sound file, below) : there is not a cat (in the street); there is no one Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav... Read more →

Meet with Jean-Marc in Madison (WI) this coming March 14th or during his 2012 US wine tour The recent prize giveaways have been a wonderful chance to discover silent readers, including Gus Elison (87-years-old, from Florida) and Marjorie Recinos (Newburyport, Massachusetts). Congratulations to these two, who have each won an antique key! Read on, in today's story... Read more →

"Better Days" and Chief Grape. Picture taken in Sicily. Meet with Jean-Marc in DC & VA this coming March 10th-11th-12th or during his 2012 US wine tour se reposer (reuh-poh-zay) verb : to rest Verb conjugation: je me repose, tu te reposes, il/elle se repose, nous nous reposons, vous vous reposez, ils/elles se reposent (past particile =... Read more →

Jean-Marc ("Chief Grape) will be in New-York this coming March 8th--or during his 2012 US wine tour (Photo taken in Le Castellet Village, at the restaurant Le Pied de Nez -- painting by Christian Pieroni) WIN ANOTHER PRIZE (click here to enter this drawing): Today, help me practice The Noble Art of Listening... Enter today's drawing and... Read more →

Smokey says: Certes, on dirait qu'elle en a assez dans sa collection... sure, you'd say she has enough in her collection... but the truth is she adores every one of them! Today, find out who won une de ses clés... P.S. can you see the ombre or shadow of the missing key? la reine de beauté :... Read more →

To win the mysterious French antique, on offer in today's story, simply say hello, here in the comments box + let us know where you are writing in from. After randomly choosing a number, I will announce a winner on Friday. More about the giveaway, in today's story column. Photo by Alison Johnston Lohry (Note to self:... Read more →

Tuesday is Valentine's Day! Don't miss these excellent French terms of endearment. Be sure to scribble one of them into a card or, better yet, whisper one of these into someone's oreille! Photo "Waiting for some Sweethearts" taken in Paris. bosse (bohce) noun, feminine : bump J'ai découvert une bosse sur la tête. I found a bump... Read more →

Snapshots of France: the Basque town of Bidarray. Faire-part fer-par noun, masculine an announcement (of birth or marriage or death) This morning I received an email from a longtime reader. Only, on closer look, there was something unusual about the courriel: the sender's full name was repeated in the email's subject line. The last time that I... Read more →

French art and a classic car along the port in St. Tropez. Send a friend or family member French Word-A-Day. la toile (twal) noun, feminine 1. cloth, canvas 2. web Listen: hear my daughter, Jackie, pronounce the word "toile": Download toile.wav Le temps, c'est la toile dont je suis à la fois l'araignée et la mouche. Time,... Read more →