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Recently, while editing photos in Picasa (Google's free photo-editing software), I noticed they offered a newer version. After hitting the update button... I tried out a tool called "effet lomo" (lomo effect?). The result is seen above (I snapped the photo while driving to the dermatos the other day). Which photo editing software do you use? Thanks... Read more →

Père et Fille. Jean-Marc and Jackie (did you read her letter on maquillage?). Tomorrow, March 29th, is Chief Grape's 45th birthday! To wish him Joyeux Anniversaire, click here... Follow French Word-A-Day on Twitter Learn French in context: read these vocabulary-rich memoirs: Words in a French Life or Blossoming in Provence la prise de conscience (preez-deuh-kon-see-uhns) : realization... Read more →

Through thick and thin. Photo of Braise (pronounced "brez") and son Smokey--or one of his five sisters? Photo taken over two years ago. Braise still cleans her 30-month-old's face, still lets him rest his head anywhere on her fluffy pillow of a body. She'll never run away without him, and vice-versa, which is why we can keep... Read more →

"Demure" and une demeure, or dwelling, in the town of Richerenches. Photo taken last February, during truffle season (the outskirts of this modest town are loaded with the pricey fungi! (No wonder the town's prefix has "riche" in it!) Meet Jean-Marc at Cork Screw Wine Bar tonight--in Portland. More info here. une séance (say-ahnse) : session Yabla... Read more →

From time to time, I like to share this snapshot, taken in the Aosta Valley (Italy) during our 2007 family vacation. We were going through a particularly upheavaling time... when I stumbled across this hand-painted sign. It reads: "To live well: love well and let others say what they will". ("Pour bien vivre, bien aimer et laisser... Read more →

Max and Smokey. Photo taken last year. Meet Chief Grape in California and Oregon soon! Check out some of the cities he is visiting on his USA wine tour, click here. la liberté (lee-behr-tay) : freedom . Example Sentence: La devise Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité est issue de la Révolution française. The motto 'Liberty, equality, fraternity' comes from... Read more →

"Leafless Lookout". Overlooking the Rhone Valley, from the perched-on-the mountain town of Séguret. Chief Grape will be in Portland on 03/22 and 03/23! Check out some of the other cities he is visiting, click here. prendre pour acquis (prahndr-poor-ah-kee) : to take for granted Learn another way to say "taking for granted" in the following story... A... Read more →

Today we learn the French word for "bouncer". I'd say Ulysse, pictured here, would make a good one, wouldn't you? What might the name of his nightclub be called? If we use the example in today's story (in which we remember the nightclub "Hotbods"), then might we call Ulysse's club "HotDogs"? Chief Grape will be in Orange... Read more →

Remember the story (click here) about Tessa and our walk throught the deserted town of Séguret? Here's that tea shop with the Christmas decorations still hanging. Remember the name for those little half-curtains? Les brise-bise. Aren't they sweet? Here's another picture, a little less lacy. Good news! Chief Grape will be in OAKLAND, CA on March 21st!... Read more →

A butter and cheese shop in the village of Salernes. Would this be a good photo for a book cover? If so, what might the book title be? Leave your answer here, in the comments box. Chief Grape's USA wine tour will have him in the Washington DC area on 03/10, 03/11 and 03/12 and in Madison... Read more →