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Panneau de publicité. An advertising signboard placed on an old cabanon. Click here to comment. To skip the debate, you might talk about the pretty flowers instead :-) à suivre (ah swee-vrh) : to be continued . France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. Audio File: Listen to the following sentence: Download MP3 or... Read more →

Today's moving post is by guest blogger and author Nancy Rial (pictured here at the American Cemetery in Lorraine). Monday is Memorial Day in the US. The next post goes out Wednesday. la journée du souvenir : memorial day . Provence Villa Rental Luberon luxury home; 4 bedrooms, 5 baths; gourmet kitchen, covered terrace & pool. Views... Read more →

Name this photo! Click here to add a picture title or a thought bubble. (Photo taken near St Cyr-sur-Mer). céder le passage à quelqu’un : to yield (when driving) A Day in a French Life… by Kristin Espinasse I woke up this morning with the nagging doubt that the kids might not make it to school today—worse,... Read more →

A child care center in Flayosc. Seems like yesterday that my son went to the crèche... read on in today's story column. une apocope (ah-poh-cowp) : the dropping of one or more syllables (or letters) at the end of a word Ado, MacDo, frigo, véto, resto... the French seem to love abbreviation. This is not to say... Read more →

Le Point Rouge, in Marseilles. Nothing to do with today's story, these are photos I took in '92, when I moved to Marseilles to live with this young accountant. Turns out Jean-Marc wasn't cut out for office work (an outdoors type, he is). Today, a story about our son, Max. Just what is he cut out for?... Read more →

Hollyhock and Wet Dog. Smokey volunteers his mug to illustrate today's expression "les chiens ne font pas des chats". Does he look disappointed by the news? No worries, Smokelicot, you can still do most anything you set your sweet mind to! Since your ordeal, two years ago, you are a true survivor! les chiens ne font pas... Read more →

The old mulberry tree and a mis-mash pistache of chairs beneath. Big, small, creaky and tall--unstable as the weather! Jean-Marc was right -- everything would work out fine. So when the rain drops began to fall, I carried on, setting up for our 30 guests comme si de rien n'était, as if nothing was amiss. 24, 25,... Read more →

France is on the road again, with a new Président de la République française, though some wonder where we are headed. Photo taken at le Girocèdre restaurant, in Puyméras. mésaventure (mayz-avohn-tewhr) : mishap, mischance, misadventure A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse Almost as soon as our new "France United" president was elected, things fell... Read more →

A creative "lid" mask and a cheerful fenêtre in Richerenches, town of truffles, where the local church holds une messe aux truffes. During this unique mass, donations are given in... truffles. See another window in Richerenches here. . le couvercle (koo-verkl) : lid Reverse Dictionary I found no "lid" expressions in French, so here are a few... Read more →