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A big thank you to the ladies who welcomed me yesterday to their bookclub in Marseilles. Merci beaucoup Cari, Julie, Agnès, Andrea, Anne, Cris, Olivia, Lisa, and Christiane for reading Words in a French Life and for your very encouraging feedback--as well as for the cheers to keep on this writing path! Today's picture: Last winter's frost... Read more →

In case you're wondering: my husband gave me permission to write the following story! Here he is with his tattered and sagging sacoche. (side note: the bag has been on its last leg since 2004, and just keeps going and going and going!) Photo taken in 2010 in Caltagirone, Sicily. fouiller (foo-ee-ay) : to rummage through something... Read more →

Writers and artists know all about gleaning, or le glanage--they regularly glean for ideas and inspiration! Here's Robyn Mixon's painting "Chez Domaine Rouge-Bleu." (See Robyn's photo farther on.) glaner (glah-nay) verb to pick, to gather, to glean Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following text: Download MP3 or Wav file Quand vous ferez la moisson dans... Read more →

"Bunk beds". Smokey (upper bunk) and Braise demonstrate one of today's vocabulary words: les lits superposés. (P.S. Thanks to 14-year-old Jackie for her helpful photo styling. She managed to get our dogs to bunk together. Not an easy task!) Thanks to The Dirt Divas, Doreen and Malou, for all of the beautiful flowers that are currently thriving... Read more →

The sky above Mont Ventoux. s'éteindre (seh-tehndre) : to go out (flame), to die Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following sentence: Download MP3 file or Download Wav file Une jolie lumière s'est éteinte. A lovely light has gone out. A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse A lovely light goes out... Gus and... Read more →

Note to self: hunt for wooden goose to put in upstairs window. P.S. find wooden door beads, curvy curtainettes, and exotic leafery to dress up front door. What else is needed to charmify? Leave your answer in the comments box and play The Door Dress Up Game with us. What other animal might you replace the bird... Read more →

After hearing about them and viewing the photos, I was very excited to visit some of the love padlocks, or love-locks on one of the bridges in Paris. Some fear that the growing number of cadenas d'amour pose a threat to the city's cultural heritage. I snapped this photo when I saw the "Honey Bunny" lock (in... Read more →

Very excited to tell you that Blossoming in Provence is now available on Kindle! Click here if you would like to order, and many thanks in advance! un mouton (moo-tohn) noun, masculine 1. sheep, sheepskin 2. mutton 3. fluff (dust); piece of fluff Also: moutonnier, ière = sheeplike Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's word and... Read more →

Recently, in Paris. claquer (klah-kay) : to slam Audio File: Hear Jean-Marc pronounce the following sentence: Download Souler or listen to the Wav file Ils n'arrêtent pas de claquer les portes et de hurler. Ça me soûle! They don't stop slamming the doors and shouting. It's driving me crazy! A Day in a French Life... by Kristin... Read more →