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The painted sign reads: "To live well, love well, and let the others say what they will!" Pour bien vivre, bien aimer, et laisser dire. (Picture taken during our family vacation in Aosta, Italy. I repost this photo often because the message is so good and a needed reminder!) se sublimer (seuh-soo-blee-may) : to transcend oneself, to... Read more →

Hats outside a shopfront in Paris, to go along with today's quote bonheur pour les yeux : eye-candy Audio File: (check back later for Jean-Marc's recording. Meantime, help! I need your assistance translating today's example sentence. Click here to leave your translation.) Le bonheur des yeux lui ferait-il raccrocher son cœur comme le chapeau du porte-manteau ?... Read more →

Thank you for your encouraging feedback on the recent video I made with Smokey. But after trying and failing to make a follow up recording, I'm wondering if I should just stick to photography (today's pic taken on our Rhone river cruise) instead! In times like these, I find the following saying to be particularly reassuring: dix... Read more →

Today, in the US, it's Le Jour de Merci Donnant and I'm busy giving thanks for the people in my life, including YOU and Rouge-Bleu. Read more about my high-school chum in today's story. Note: you haven't heard much about Susan, over the years--that's because I haven't had the chance to see her much. I do have... Read more →

Fall colors in France's 3rd largest city, Lyon, where our croisière fluviale docked on the last day of the AMA Waterways river cruise. If you dream of traveling the French canals, please do me a favor by contacting my best friend, Susan, for details of our Rhône river trip. Her email is or call her at... Read more →

In autumn, when the sky turns gray, all the hidden colors come out to have their say. While strolling with my dear friend Susan, my eyes drank in this vibrant scene, along a cobbled path in Vieux Lyon. The stones in the back wall seem to have caught the colorful fever. Notice how their colors reflect those... Read more →

Picture taken at the hilltop village of Les Baux de Provence. fluvial(e) adjective (flew-vee-al) : river, riverine; flowing Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following example sentence and the list of French terms: Download MP3 or Wav file Kristi et sa meilleure amie, Susan, sont parties pour une croisière fluviale sur le Rhône. Kristi and her... Read more →

I yearned for a French life, but blew my chances the first time around! Read on (and see you in one week, after la croisière fluviale!) n'importe quoi (nem port kwah) : nonsense; anything at all; "whatever", "yeah, right!" Audio File: Download MP3 or Download WAV Dire que les Français ne sont pas accueillants aux Anglophones, c'est... Read more →

In a nearby calanque... I'm counting on our 17-year-old, Max, to bring home more "fruits of the sea"... because I sure don't trust some of the fruits they're selling us at the supermarket! Read on, in today's story column. (Photos in today's post are by Jean-Marc) nourrir (noo-reer) : to feed, to nourish Audio File: Listen to... Read more →