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"This side of Christmas". Picture taken in Bollène. confier (kon-fee-ay) : to confide in, to entrust Audio File: Hear today's word spoken, along with this French quote: Download MP3 or listen to the Wav file Il ne faut confier son secret qu'à celui qui n'a pas cherché à le deviner. One must only share one's secret with... Read more →

If you are not seeing the video, with Jean-Marc and the Provençal boats, then click here to enjoy the clip at the blog. Sign up to our YouTube channel to learn when new videos are uploaded. Click here. un pointu (pwan-too) : a little Provençal fishing boat A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse Last... Read more →

Thank you very much for the warm holiday greetings. Wishing everyone much joy, surrounded by the things you love this time of year: family, friends, cats, dogs, birds... or solitude. Whatever brings you peace! See you in several days for the next edition. (Photo taken at Domaine Rouge-Bleu, our home from June 2007-Sept 2012. We now live... Read more →

The other day while Smokey and I waited in the school parking lot for Jackie, kids filed past our car, occasionally stopping to point and to laugh: "Mais regarde sa langue! Just look at his funny tongue! Ahahahaha!" "Laisse tomber! Don't worry about it, Smokey. They don't know your story." So many stories out there... how little... Read more →

Do you feel like this Santa, during the holiday rush. Just hanging on? Waiting for it all to pass? Read on. fêtard(e) (feh-tar, feh-tard) : party animal, someone who likes to party Audio File: Listen to the following sentence in French Download MP3 or Wave file Dans ma jeunesse, j'étais une fêtarde. In my youth, I was... Read more →

Click to enlarge the picture, and many thanks to Maggie and Michael Moss, and to Maggie's brother Ian, for providing this photo of their second home that is now our own. We moved here, to Mas des Brun (Brown's house), in September. See what it looked like then, in the latest video at the end of this... Read more →

Remember that river cruise that my best friend Susan (a.k.a. "Rouge-Bleu") and I went on last month? I have some very good news to share with you: Jean-Marc and I will be hosting the next one along the Seine—and we would be happy if could join us! I'm going to let Susan tell you all about it... Read more →

I'm getting ready to film the first in a series of videos about our home renovation. Don't miss a clip! - subscribe to our YouTube channel. Forward this and tell a design savvy architecturally-minded friend about the channel. They might have fun following us on this project in the sunny South of France (...meantime we are freezing... Read more →

Thank you for the encouraging feedback you sent in, following Monday's video! I learned so much from your comments and am reminded to just keep on keeping on! If you haven't yet, check out our Youtube channel--and look for the "subscribe" button! Today's picture was taken in the Queyras valley, near the French Hautes-Alpes. douze (dooz) :... Read more →

No matter how hard I try, I can't make today's image match today's word. Picture taken at Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris. une lèvre (levr) : lip du bout des lèvres = half-heartedly Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronouce today's word, the expression, and this sentence: Download MP3 or Wav file Elle a des lèvres expressives.... Read more →