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Marc Levy's books are available now, for the first time, in English! Learn about this former Red Cross worker who, in the decade since he began writing, has become most-read French author in the world. To all who dare to follow their dream... may today's interview give you wings! un entretien (ontr-tee-en) 1) an interview 2) management/service... Read more →

... and you were expecting a picture of a cushion, were you? See a stylish one in today's story.... Meantime, have a look at the new blooms in our winter potager! One of the joys of being a perennial newbie gardener is to be amazed to learn that broccoli flowers! (Ditto, on witnessing this artichoke bloom--in electric... Read more →

Join Jean-Marc and me in Paris for the AMA Waterways cruise to Normandy. Promotional rates expire JAN 31st. To receive this discount, all deposits must be received by Thursday. Click here for details and we hope to see you in November! ricain(e) (ree-kah(n) ree-kahn) : American (slang) Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the French lyrics to... Read more →

Green Juice and Tomettes (tomettes, and not tomates!) It's a rainy day in Bandol, a perfect morning for some pancrêpes. Instead, Jean-Marc and I are drinking green juice (this time with fennel--and it's dill-like leaves--bergamot lemon, ginger, pomme, and celery). We'll definitely have pancakes this weekend! Read on... Meantime, put your pancake tips here in the comments... Read more →

Since becoming winemaker and majority owner, along with Thomas Bertrand, of Domaine Rouge-Bleu, Caroline Jones has few free moments. Yet, she took time out during her busy first bottling last week, to put together a caring package for a friend. Read on, in today's missive. Question: How to say "care package" in French? Answer: I'm not exactly... Read more →

A troupeau of sheep grazing on another pasture. Photo by Jean-Marc. la brebis (breh-bee) : ewe Note: brebis (masculine) refers to the cheese brebis égarée = lost sheep du fromage de brebis = sheep's cheese une brebis galeuse = a bad apple, a black sheep, or a personne indésirable Audio File: (check back later for the recording)... Read more →

Cabane de berger (the shepherd's wooden hut) photo by the Neurdein brothers. Here we have a slumbering sheepherder with his border collie and german shepherd (is it?) minding the troup. (When Mom sees this photo, she'll ditch her latest treehouse scheme... in favor of this fort-on-wheels with a nifty sliding door! Mom has had a hard time... Read more →

A typical country lunch in southern France... read on, in today's story. Meantime, has a friend forwarded you this post? Sign up, here, to receive French Word-A-Day in your in-box rassasier (rah-sah-zee-ay) : to satisfy, to satiate; (reflexive) to have enough, to be filled Audio file: listen to Jean-Marc teach us three ways to say I'm full... Read more →

I wrote the story "crush widow" two years ago. Were you reading then? (Photo of a modern cabanon with its carpet of white flowers taken in Sainte Cécile-les-Vignes. In wintertime, the old, leafless vines always look, to me, like upended chicken feet—as do all the pollarded trees.) la veuve de la vendange (lah vuv deuh lah von... Read more →

A stylish window in Alsace. I love decor... even if decorating intimidates me. Read on, in today's story. le convive (kon-veev) : guest Audio File: listen to me read the sentence below (I may have made an error, by not making a liason between "convives" and "étaient"...: Download MP3 or hear the Wav file Nos convives étaient... Read more →